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Tonight's calls start in 20 minutes! Sent Monday, February 6, 2012 View as plaintext
 Hi Partners:
Tonight's Millionaire Mentoring Session starts in 
just 15 minutes! 
At 6:30 CST the Fast Start training will walk you through 
exactly how to jump-start your Ambit business and
the steps you need to start making money and help
your new consultants get their first paychecks. 
At 7:30 central time the Ambit Business Presentation
Overview will be hosted by Carlos as he walks your
prospects through why this is TRULY the best business
and industry and why the product/service and timing
couldn't be better. Send your prospects directly to to register now. 
At 8:30 central Carlos is hosting another Millionaire
Mentoring Session to help you create the mindset
necessary to achieve success - and KEEP it! 
If you aren't registered do so NOW at
and get everyone on your team registered too. Remember, 
preparation is the key to success. Let us help you put
a plan in place so you can take your business to the next
Register now at and we'll see 
you on the calls! 
To Your Success!
Carlos & Cecy