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Issue #15 - Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dear Fellow Grower,

In today's issue you'll discover...
  • Exactly how you can drastically increase the amount of sticky, potent marijuana buds you get every harvest!
  • Learn about new LED lighting that reduces energy usage, heat output, and grows GREAT buds in Check it Out
  • Learn how you can give back to the marijuana growing community
  • The answer to a question about the effects of improper pH levels

We hope you enjoy this issue of Grow Weed Easy!

Happy Growing!
Nebula Haze and Sirius Fourside (founders of

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~Ronald Reagan

What's the Secret to Monster Yields?
By Nebula Haze
"I'm growing the Northern Lights strain, how many ounces can I expect to harvest per plant?"
"I'm growing two plants in my closet with a 400W HPS light, how much weed will I yield?"
or the most common...
"How do I get bigger marijuana yields?"

These are all variations of a question I get over and over. Unfortunately, it's difficult to answer questions about how much marijuana you can expect to yield in just a sentence or two.

Short Answer: Most people yield between 2 ounces and 1 pound of dried buds per plant, but it's possible to yield more or less. And no one is ever happy with that answer.

You see, there are actually quite a few variables that have a big impact on your total yields.

Long Answer: I've decided to really answer your question once and for all, so you can have a much clearer picture as to what to expect, and so you know the best ways to increase your marijuana yields if you're harvesting less than you'd like.

Now the truth is, if you're growing for personal use, you'll most likely end up growing way more marijuana than you'll ever be able to smoke. At least, that's always been the case for me.

But for many growers (such as those growing for other patients in need), it's of crucial importance to keep costs low and yields up. For these people, it's imperative to follow a proven system like the one I've provided below to produce the most cost-effective yields.

Now, there is the general rule that more light = more yields. And this is true, to an extent. But there are many other factors.

For example, one could say a better engine = a faster car, but the best engine in the world doesn't matter if all the tires have blown out.

Marijuana yields depend on a complex interaction of many factors, in much the same way.

If you want to maximize your marijuana yields, it's important to first prevent problems that are holding you back, and then to optimize your conditions such as adding more light or CO2.
So, for the biggest increase in yields, you will always want to target the factor that is currently limiting your marijuana yields, instead of just blindly throwing more light and/or supplements at your plants.
By committing to raising your awareness of what's really limiting your yields right now, you will discover how you can approach the problem and produce the largest increase in your yields for the least amount of time and effort.

Now, before you continue reading, I want you to be aware that none of this will help you if you don't understand the basics of growing. If you think that you may have some holes in your knowledge, please take 20 minutes to learn the basics of growing marijuana right here:

Second, go through this step-by-step process and maximize your marijuana yields.

7-Step Process To Skyrocket Your Marijuana Yields

  1. Maintain a comfortable room temperature where your plants are growing

    Optimal temperature is 70-80 °F (20-27 °C) during the day. At night, it's optimal for the temperature to be slightly cooler. For purple strains, the 'purple' doesn't usually show up unless it gets cooler at night during flowering (though the buds are still just as potent, even if they're not purple).

    At temperatures above 85 °F (35 °C), you'll start to see plants growth dramatically slow down. Below 60 °F (15 °C) can also be harmful for sensitive strains. Freezing temperatures will usually kill or at least seriously injure most marijuana strains.

    It's important that you maintain temperatures that your plant likes. When growing marijuana outdoors, it's best to shield marijuana on torrid hot days, or when temperatures start getting cold.

  2. Take especially good care of plant roots

    Your roots are like the heart of your marijuana plant. Many unexpected and unexplainable problems can be traced back to something being wrong at the roots.

    Because you already took care of any heat problems in step 1, you're less likely to suffer from root problems (hot temperatures encourage bad bacteria to grow, which can hurt your marijuana roots).

    If you aren't growing directly in the ground, you will prevent most root problems by watering your plants correctly and using fast-draining soil. Most importantly, be careful not to overwater or underwater. Here's how: when watering, keep adding water until it starts coming out the bottom of the pot, then don't water again until the top inch of soil (or soilless medium) is dry to the touch.

    When you're growing with the plant roots directly in water, such as in deep water culture or bubbleponics, root health becomes even more important. On the one hand, growing hydroponically tends to produce faster grows with higher yields, but on the other hand, you won't produce anything if your roots become unhealthy and kill your plants. Aerate the water well (add lots of bubbles, usually growers do this with an 'air stone').

    In both soil and hydroponics, some growers also add supplements to the water to promote root health, like Aquashield, which adds beneficial root bacteria and can help prevent bad bacteria from making a home near roots.

  3. Provide the right amount of nutrients and maintain proper root pH.

    More nutrients is always better, right? Wrong!

    Giving too much nutrients can hurt your plants just as much as not giving them enough.

    Luckily, it's usually simple to provide the right nutrients to your plant. Many, many nutrient formulations will work to grow marijuana. Anything that works for tomato plants and comes with a nutrient schedule that includes different instructions for the vegetative and flowering stage will work great.

    With marijuana plants, you'll usually get the best results by starting nutrients at half strength and only raising levels if you notice the signs of nutrient deficiencies (such as pale colored leaves or spots).

    'Burnt' looking leaf tips (called nutrient burn) indicate that your plant prefers less nutrients than what you've been providing. If you see nutrient burn, cut amount of nutrients in half and only bring it back up very slowly.

    By providing the right amount of nutrients (not too much, not too little), you will maximize your yields. But even if the nutrients are there, in order to ensure your plants can use the nutrients, you also need to maintain a proper root pH.
    Without proper pH, your plants won't be able to take in nutrients which is just as bad as not having nutrients!

    I've listed my favorite cost-effective marijuana nutrients with instructions on how to maintain root pH for you right here:

  4. Take advantage of growth control methods

    Often when I see other grower's plants, I can see that using growth control methods will be even more effective for increasing their yields than adding more light....

    This is extremely important as controlling how your plants grow directly affects the ratio of space used to buds harvested. If you need less space to grow a certain amount of buds, you'll give yourself extra room to grow more buds. In addition, some growth control techniques actually stimulate your plants to grow bigger, more potent buds!

    Optimally, you'd like to grow a wide, flat "plain" of buds so that all the buds get even exposure to the light.

    Learn all about the best marijuana growth control methods here:

  5. Maximize the amount of lights your plant receives, especially buds

    Remember, when your plant gets more light, they will use more of everything else (water, nutrients, etc) so keep in mind you may need to adjust these other factors if you increase the amount of light you're using.

    Where I live, it can get very hot. Because of this, I tend to avoid HPS grow lights altogether and instead use a mix of powerful LEDs and CFLs, which have given me about 10-14 ounces per 2 foot tall plant.

    However, HPS grow lights are definitely considered the 'standard' for growing marijuana with maximum yields. Some use a 'bluer' light, like Metal Halide, for the vegetative stage, but did you know you can use HPS for the entire life cycle without a problem?

    600W HPS lights are the most efficient (as far as how much light is produced compared to how much electricity they use) but in America, growers often feel like "bigger is better" and get 1000W HPS lights. Honestly, I would much rather have two 400W or 600W HPS grow lights than a 1000W HPS grow lights for a personal grow. Have more, smaller lights gives you more control over heat and light coverage.

  6. Create air that your marijuana loves to breath

    The air in your grow area makes a surprisingly big difference in the health and ultimately the yields of your marijuana plants.

    This includes your air circulation, ventilation, humidity, and additives like CO2.

    You want a gentle breeze that causes your plant leaves to rustle, but not so much that the 'branches' are waving around.

    Animals breath in oxygen and breath out CO2. Plants do the opposite, they turn our CO2 back into oxygen. All plants need a certain amount of CO2. However, there is a natural amount of CO2 in the air and adding extra CO2 doesn't increase yields if your plants aren't getting enough light. That being said, once they've maxed out on light, you can get a little more yield by adding CO2.

    You will have to raise the grow area temperature a bit for best results (another reason people like adding CO2 is it makes it so the plants thrive at higher temperatures).

    As far as humidity, maintain higher humidity for younger plants, and drop humidity as harvest approaches. More about humidity in Step 4 on this page: growing-marijuana-plant- problem-deficiency

  7. Start with great genetics

    Truly, you just cannot grow potent chronic with hemp seeds. In order to grow the highest yielding, most potent buds, you will need to start with good genes.

    Some of my favorite, easy-to-grow, ultra-potent, and high-yielding strains are:
    Northern Lights, Aurora Indica, White Rhino, and Jock Horror. (Right now I'm really digging Jock Horror as it seems to be an especially great treatment for anxiety, yet is resistant to growing problems and doesn't come with the trouble and time it takes to grow Haze strains, my first love for treating anxiety)
Now the truth is, no list can cover everything, yet I hope this one illuminates some of the most important factors that you may have overlooked.
By going through these 7 steps, most growers are usually able to increase their yields significantly, and often without spending a significant amount of money.

And remember, as you gain more skills and experience, you will naturally start to produce higher and better yields out of your marijuana garden. Now, at, we're dedicated to finally gathering all the information you need in one place, so it's easy for anyone with the desire to become a master grower.

About the Author: Nebula Haze

In response to the need for more tutorials aimed at new growers, Nebula co-founded in 2008 with fellow grower Sirius Fourside.

Since then, Nebula has published dozens of growing articles in print and online, stars in several online video lessons, and continues to dedicate herself to serving the needs of the medical marijuana growing community.

"My mission is to show other medical marijuana patients how easy and fun it can be to grow pounds of killer weed out of your closet."

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Question: My partner bought bottle of bloom, but it was for hard water. I put in a half dose of this which lowered the pH level to 3.4. I didn't have pH up and had to order some, so the plants water pH has been like that for a few days.
Will this damage my plants? Anything you could recommend? We would hate if anything happened to them at this stage that I've got them to. Anyway sir, always a pleasure and we're grateful for your knowledge.

Answer: Having a low pH can damage your plants if they're left that way too long. They might show signs of nutrient deficiency since they can't uptake the the minerals they need with such low pH levels. Just try to fix the pH as soon as you can and she'll be fine!

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