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Published: Tue, 04/02/13

| oOo ==> Offline X Factor (Hyper community)
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My apologies for the lateness:

| monthly offline marketing forum *just* reopened
Hey there,
You know how one of the best ways to learn
and implement profitable offline marketing techniques....
is to participate in a community *dedicated* to
offline learning (ie, a paid membership)
This crossed my desk earlier:
| oOo ==> Jack Mize Offline Membership community
| http://askbling.com/xfactor
One of the unique benefits which intrigued me
is the "Raw Webinar" concept (as described by
Jason Fladien):
"...Jack is about the most cutting edge guy I know. Each month he discovers something new and powerful for making money helping local businesses...

Some of his ideas we spend a few months on refining, polishing, prettying up and then selling anywhere from $97 to $497 as products.

However, a lot of those ideas he presents in "unpolished format" immediately as they occur in the Offline X Factor Members area.

He calls these "raw" webinars -- pure content about the latest thing he's come up with and proven to work when it comes to making money with local businesses."
I'm starting to do that myself with my paid classes - the
benefits are that my students get the best of my ideas
right away without having to worry time-to-production.
Good stuff indeed!
| oOo ==> Includes brokering as well...
| http://askbling.com/xfactor
Member spotlights are also included, as are seminar
recordings.... it's an extremely value-packed benefit
for all those in offline/local marketing.
It's no secret that I advocate paid learning communities;
I'm in several and the content shared.....gold.
Let me know your take!
Grow strong,
Barbara "Love Helping Others!" Ling

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