Favor to ask.

Published: Thu, 04/11/13

| ==> Favor to ask:
| Kicking Fate In The RIGHT Direction SURVEY
| WHY:  This will help me help you achieve your goals
| bigtime...please do fill it out, thanks!
Brief, pithy and to the point - I'm structuring out
the rest of 2013 and would love to know what 
you'd like to learn most!  So could you please
do me a favor and answer this quick survey over
| ==> Favor to ask:
| What YOU want to learn!
See, I'm in the zone for presenting web classes,
sharing resources and the like...and knowing what
you'd like to learn will help me ensure I meet
your needs best!
Thanks so much.
Grow strong,
Barbara "I like PPC that works!" Ling

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