[ 2pm EST Today ] Did YOU reserve your seat? My Product Creation Caffeine Power Class

Published: Fri, 04/26/13

Hey there,
Brief, pithy and to the point -people who are
part of my Perking Up Profits Group get an
opportunity to be the FIRST to participate in
my own
Product Creation Caffeine Power Class
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"Today 2pm EST! A few days ago, I asked what are the hardest aspects of product creation for you . Got some great responses...so I've decided to hold a live training event this Friday at 2pm EST. It will consist of 1 hour training, and 1 hour discussion.
Things we're going to cover are:
1.) My product creation template I myself use to layout products so designing/packaging them is a breeze
2.) My ebook and report templates I use when making PDFs.
3.) How to create products from Powerpoints, Webinars, Video and more
4.) My mindmap for ALL steps for Product creation, from conception to affiliate/JV finding to launch.
This will be *fast-paced* actionable material. And because this material being shown *solely* to members of my group, I'm not going to do the usual "end the price in a 7" scenario. Such things are marketing techniques, very effective ones mind you, but I'll be upfront here. Tickets to this event are $100, the lowest it will be (after said event is completed/polished, recordings/handouts will increase to $150). You will be able to participate live on the call and have your questions answered as well during the discussion and receive my:
Product Creation Mindmaps
Product Creation Templates (PDF report, cheatsheet, graphics, Timelines, more!)
Audio File
Special unannounced bonus you will WANT to see
Purchasers will also get a recording of the event as well."
Will you be proactive enough to get all my Product
Creation secrets that enable me to create professional
products in under 2 hours?
==> Grab all the info here!
If you've had questions before about making
products...I think you'll find this grand indeed!
It's a closed group but just ask to join...and I'll

add you asap.

Grow strong,
Barbara "Click ME!" Ling

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