oOo ==> FB - Cool WP plugin that allows you to send *automatic* Live updates to FB accounts!

Published: Tue, 04/23/13

| oOo ==> Powerfully FB! Pulse Notify Power Update
| WHY:  Cool FB-oriented plugin that allows you to update at once time
| your specific targeted FB folk.  Cool!
Brief, pithy and to the point -
You know how FB conditions us to take notice
when something happens with our profiles?  ie,
if we see a newsfeed update - we check it out.
If we see a new notification....we check it out.
The conditioning is now built within FB
users....wouldnt it be cool to tap into that
for your own marketing benefit?
Well then!
This goodie - lookie first here....
| oOo ==> Engage your prospects' attention!
and then at this special video:
As the author describes:
"We discovered that every time we're on Facebook, we cannot resist those little notifications that pop up whenever there is new activity.

You know those little red icons with numbers in them, at the top of your Facebook page...

We just HAVE to click on those as soon as we see them...

And we also noticed Everybody ELSE IS DOING IT TOO!

So our research began and we discovered that Facebook knows about Psychology, and Facebook knows a LOTabout Influence!

Facebook puts millions of dollars into their research budget to test, test and test again.

They are looking for the tricks and strategies they can employ to keep YOU on their site!


They've been doing it for YEARS!

They know that we are compelled to check the notifications every time we see a just few of those red icons (and in most cases, JUST ONE!).

And they know we're now 879% more likely to click on a notification - compared to opening an email!

Simply put, we are now programmed to click on that icon and check out the latest activity and news.

That got us inspired and we went out of our way to work out if WE can do that too!"
Makes sense to me!
So if you'd like to benefit from this particular goodness:
| oOo ==> Automatically integrates with your autoresponder too!
And because this is a solo email, but thru my
link and immediately receive:
FB JV Snatcher
My own 'how to' for using FB to truly attract
the attention of the big power marketers.
Sounds good?  I think so - anything that helps
build your list via FB and authority....a grand
thing indeed!
Grow strong,
Barbara "Notify me!" Ling

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