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Published: Wed, 05/01/13

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in other words:
* The best free way to set up a membership (free members area WordPress theme, free member management software, etc.)

* How to get the biggest bang for your buck by picking the right type of membership site (fixed term membership, software as service, hosting memberships, low touch/low effort membership sites)

* How to create months worth of membership content in minutes

* How to completely outsource the creation of membership content

* Special conversion and positioning techniques to skyrocket your sales (it'll make highly paid copywriters afraid for their jobs)

* Sales techniques that everyone else discards (they work perfectly with membership sites!)

* Case studies of 5 different membership sites I've run over the years - including one that made me about $100k a month for less than 8 hours of work
Again, this is time-sensitive....so if you've ever
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==> Special conversion and positioning techniques to skyrocket your sales
Let me know what you think!
Grow strong,
Barbara "Passive income rocks!" Ling

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