==> [ LOCAL ] Businesses chase *you*: How To Get Paid $6,000 For A Single Lead (limited special half-price sale!)

Published: Fri, 05/10/13

| oOo ==>  Special half-price sale on:
| WHY:  Makes local businesses chase YOU instead of the reverse.
| And...it's scalable too!
Hey there,
Do you do offline?
If so, want local businesses to do the chasing
of *you*?
Well then, lookie here!
| oOo ==>  Includes secret business directory AND....
To wit:

You probably think it's hard to generate leads for local businesses that turn into paying customers. If you think that, think again. It was hard before you discovered all the secrets for setting up "lead valves" in the Easy Lead Method training.

Specifically, let us give you a taste of these lead values...

* Mobile lead valves - you can set these up 100% free in less than 2 minutes by filling out a form... and presto! You have perfectly built mobile "response driven" pages that are easy to find on the Internet by prospects interested in the service you're generating leads for...

* Better than Craigslist? YES! We use a different, free, local classified ad site to set up an unlimited number of ads to generate leads for local businesses. The reason we use this classified ad site over Craigsist is that it consistently gets ranked #1 in Google (sometimes even #1, #2, #3 for EVERY local lead keyword phrase we target...)

* The 'secret' business directory that is a lead generation machine - again, this is completely FREE to use, and it generates local leads unlike anything else we've seen... especially when you use this completely underutilized feature built into this businesss directory that not 1 in 10,000 marketers know about...

Thus, if local business lead profiting appeals to you...
| oOo ==>  No fancy technology required...newbie friendly!
And don't forget...it's half price.   But not for long.
Let me know what you think!
Grow strong,
Barbara "Work Smarter" Ling

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