NEW ==> 120 Pro-quality sales pages for less than 19 cents each

Published: Sat, 10/05/13

| oOo ==>  Copybundle! 120+ sales pages AND...
| WHY:   Gives you 120 sales pages, done for you,
| modular design and:

Brief, pithy and to the point.

Looking for 120+ Sales Copy pages....already
done for you? can even get developers rights as well?

| oOo ==>  Includes all the source

Complete with modular design (ie, don't
want a footer?  Turn it off!)  

It's like you're building with blocks; simply
add/remove/edit the components you want.

| oOo ==>  Powerful.

This is basically a massive quantity discount....
but the price is rising (it's dimesale) so if you're
looking to grab done-for-you-layouts....

| oOo ==>  Catch those done-for-you-layouts?

And because this is a solo offer, buy thru
our link and you'll receive:

==> Graphics Ease

Additional bundles of quality graphics you
can use for all of your layouts.

Sounds good?  I think so;
If you're looking for professional sales templates
ready to use for your own professional sales

Check it out today.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

| oOo ==>  Bonuses too!

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