Part 4 - [ VIRAL | IMAGES | SOCIAL ] So cool and compelling and *new*

Published: Mon, 11/04/13

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| oOo ==>  PulseHover Viral Sharing - did you miss this?
| WHY:  SO ground-breaking - it immediately compels viral and
| social sharing within your site and more!  See below
Good morning!
Did you catch this?
The brand new PulseHover Plugin recently 
went live - go here NOW to secure
your copy:
| oOo ==>  Instantly reminds your visitors to share in THEIR network
Honestly, the viral marketing power this offers
you....see for yourself.
Unlimited number of backgrounds...
Unlimited  number of social sharing buttons...
Here's how it works.
When people hover their mouse over your images, as most people naturally do when reading, PulseHover automatically kicks into action.

The hover effect will grab their attention ... because it's unexpected and something they have never seen before.

Your social sharing buttons are right there in front of them ... on the very thing that caught their attention.
| oOo ==>  Catch that "right there in front?"
Using the proven attention grabbing power of PulseHover, you can use banner ads to  send traffic to any link you want. This could be affilate links or your own sites.

Whatever you choose, you will see higher click through rates on your banners than ever before - and the end result will be  more sales, more commissions and more money in your pocket!

And you can, of course, easily upload your own (or affiliate program) banners and link them to anything you want. 
You can also use PulseHover to add a buy button that will appear whenever people hover over one of your images.

This is insanely powerful!

For example... Just  imagine making a blog post promoting an Amazon product.

When people hover over the image in your post PulseHover kicks in an displays the Amazon "Buy Now" button right on the image where  people can't miss it! 
| oOo ==>  Catch that "can't miss it?"
And my bonus?  Buy thru my link and
immediately receive my special collection
of Electrified images ready for you to use
on your own sites as well!
Sounds good?
I think so - anything that breaks banner blindness
and works towards increasing your bottom line...
good stuff indeed!
Let me know what you think.
Grow strong,
Barbara Ling
I Make Marketing Profitable
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