HEADSUP ==> WP Hangouts Plugin 3 Day Special Sale

Published: Tue, 11/12/13

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| ==> WP Hangouts WP Plugin Special Sale
| WHY:  Enables you to run unlimited events without
| paying for GoToWebinar; also lets you build your list and more!
Brief, pithy and to the point - want to have
the ability to profit from Google Hangouts
and increase your attendees/signups/list
building etc. from within your own site?

If so, Walter Bayliss is having a special
3 day sale on his popular WP Hangouts plugin:

| ==> Developers rights too!

This Wordpress plugin gets away
from the traditional webinar solution
and allows you to use the zero-cost
Google Hangouts solution instead for
running profitable events online.

I've been running webinars now for
much of 2013 and yep - they are definitely
key to helping you sell bigger ticket items.

If you've been considering running your own
events, definitely check this out!

| ==> Forget the typical $9.97 launches in favor of:

You'll love what you learn.

Grow strong,
Barbara Ling

| oOo ==>  Bonuses too!
| http://askbling.com/3dayspecial

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