STARTING in 30 minutes ==> Do you want cheap traffic or converting traffic? (zero cost webinars, Monday 3pm)

Published: Mon, 12/16/13

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| oOo ==> Dueling Webinars - Cheap vs. Converting?  
| How about both?  3pm EST 12/16/13
| WHY:  Choose your training; the final result from the 5K
| Marketers' Mansion training that happened last week

Brief, pithy and to the point:

Want to get the benefits from the 5K 
Marketers Mansion reality TV event that happened
last week?

2 Zero-cost webinars for your business today at 3pm:

Maybe you've heard about the reality show, "Marketer's Mansion." It's a competition where two teams of experts go head to head to deliver the best training to our audience. 
YOU get to decide the winner by choosing which training you want to attend.
Obviously, it will be impossible to attend two live trainings at the exact same time without missing something. 
Which do you want?
There are two amazing webinars that will be LIVE on Monday December 16, 2013 @3PM EST. Pick the one you want to see below:
CHOICE 1: Uncover the secrets of Rehabilitating your lost organic traffic and escaping the wrath of Google alongside the top SEO experts in the world. And even pass these tactics on to your clients. 
CHOICE 2: Discover how your existing traffic has tons of hidden buyers, and how you can literally recapture lost leads. Bring them back to buy again and again, from your sites, as well as your clients, using this simple solution. 
Cast your vote NOW by registering below for the training you want to see most:
And we'll see exactly...
Who deserves to win.
(personally, I think it's the converting traffic.
How 'bout you?)

Grow strong,
Barbara "Traffic rocks" Ling

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