[ WP ] Instant access to 80K Copyright Free Stock Images

Published: Mon, 12/23/13

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| ==> WP Quick Pick
BENEFITS:  WP plugin that gives you access to 80K
| stock photos from within WP that:
Brief, pithy and to the point:

Looking for a quick way to uncover free
to use stock photos within your WP site?

Not only that, but be able to resize them,
upload from your mobile phone

Use 15 photo filter effects

and more?

| ==> Catch that 80K copyright free?

Think clipart within Microsoft...

And now think 

Photo/Clipart plugin for WP!

Also allows you to

Resize them quickly to your exact requirements
 all without having to download the stock images, 
open up Photoshop resize them and then upload them
(huge benefit there!)

So if you've been looking for an all-in-one
copyright-free photo finder/user....

definitely check it out and make your 2014
site rock!

Grow strong,
Barbara "Don't be left behind" Ling

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