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Published: Thu, 01/16/14

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BENEFITS:  Personal coaching and:
Affiliate marketing/general IM business you're into?

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To wit:

"Personal coaching is the single most important thing you can do to grow your business online, but it can cost a small fortune. I know. I've had a personal coach for many years and have paid a lot of money to get answers quickly.
Our business wouldn't be where it is without the coaches I've used though.
So I had an idea...could I provide all those benefits and even more (like the Laser Workshops) at a price anyone could afford?
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And the big question was could I provide coaching in single location that would help students avoid the already overwhelming mountain of information they have access to on the web with other programs that are more narrowly focused (and more expensive)?
The answer: Focus on personal help and assistance.
That's what we do best anyway.
So, how can the NAMS members take advantage of personal coaching? You could hire me - or any number of great coaches - for $500 to $1000 per month. Or you could get in the elite VIP programs of some of the masters for $25 to $100k per year. Or...
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