Hysterically funny read (free!) ==> Marketing Heck and Marketing Heaven

Published: Sun, 01/19/14

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| ==> Hysterically funny read (free!) ==> Marketing Heck and Marketing Heaven
| WHY:  Nobody tells funny stories like Marlon - this latest free
| issue of his ezine had me rolling!  Hysterically funny (and very thought
| provoking too!
Brief, pithy and to the point:

Someday I'll write like this!

"Wow! This is amazing. On the screen is Marketing Heaven with everyone swimming around in massive  piles of cash, toys of every kind, every fancy car you can imagine. High gadget toys the mind never  dreamed of. 

This is freaking phenomenal. There's even an audio hook up. We get one of the High Rollers on the  visual display and inquire, "Could you PLEASE explain to me WHY pray tell I'm down here suffering in  Marketing Hell, drinking freaking watered down Folgers, eating the cheapest, crappiest sushi in the  universe, and you are in Marketing Heaven swimming in huge piles of money, toys, accessories and things I never dreamed of?" 

| ==> Did you catch that Watered Down Folgers?

After a bit of laughing (everyone is in the BEST of moods there), the marketer slips on his Heavenly Goggles (much, much cooler than Google Goggles), and says, "Let me SHOW YOU!" 

Instantly, you're taken to the scene of the Marketing Machine behind his vast money empire. ..."

Love it.

Just plain... love it.  And you will too!

| ==> Storytelling by the master

See for yourself!

Grow strong,
Barbara Ling
| ==> Be sure to check out page 9!

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