**30 Ways to Outsmart the Competition in PPC - Part 1

Published: Wed, 01/07/15

Hey friend,
We've got good news and bad news. First, the 
bad news: We're almost positive your AdWords 
account needs work. 
If you're like most advertisers, you don't
spend enough time optimizing your account, 
and your performance suffers as a  result. 
In fact, we've found that half of small businesses 
don't even log in to their AdWords account once a month!
So what's the good news? 
The bar is incredibly low -- and that means YOU have
the opportunity to step up, do some work, and become 
the clear stand-out in your niche. 
Since so many advertisers let their accounts fall 
into neglect, you can beat them out with better ad 
positions, more clicks, higher Quality Scores, and lower
costs -- just by doing a little clean-up work!
There's plenty you can do, but the hardest part is 
figuring out where to you start.
Use this list and start checking off things one-by-one. 
Here is part 1 of "30 Ways to Outsmart the Competition in PPC" 
and beat off your competitors with a better-performing 
PPC account.
1. Delete Display Campaigns That Aren't Working:
Sort through the Display Keywords tab in AdWords 
by status. Set the date range to year to date. 
Do you see a lot of keywords that haven't really 
accomplished anything in the last year? 
Take a deeper dive into them. Really investigate 
if there is any reason to keep them around. Did 
they work at some time and you want to try them
out again? 
Are they seasonal keywords in an e commerce account? 
If you have a good reason for keeping them around 
then leave them alone for now. If not,delete them!
2. Review Poor Performing Display Targeting Methods:
Do you have placements that have had zero clicks 
for the past year? Review them and check if you 
could make change to help them perform. 
If the placement did well at one time and you have 
the ability to bid more on the placement, try 
increasing the bid and giving it a new chance to 
succeed. Otherwise, get rid of it.
3. Discover Non-Converting Automatic Placements:
Pull a placement report, then filter automatic 
placements that haven't converted within the last year. 
Anything that has spent over goal should be excluded. 
It's really easy to miss placements that spend just a 
little at a time, but exceed your goal over a longer 
period of time; this is your chance to find them.
4. Refine Display Category Exclusions:
Review all of the categories available and 
check performance by category. Some content may not 
spend enough for you to worry that it isn't 
converting when you review it every other week, but 
in the past year it's spent way over your goal. Go
ahead and exclude it. 
A huge part of the impact on your New Year clean-up 
should be looking for those low-spending parts of 
your account that spend here and there, so they never 
show up on a weekly or even monthly report, but that 
show up within longer time ranges and are just not 
doing you any good.
5. Reduce Wasted Spend:
Do an audit on your account to see if/where money 
is being wasted. Try looking at SQRs for negative 
keywords, keywords with excessive spend, and zero 
to very few clicks and conversions.
6. Adjust Ad Settings:
Looking into ad rotation and delivery method is 
always a good place to start when cleaning out your 
account. Make sure all the new Ad Groups and Campaigns 
that you have added over the past year are running the 
way that most benefits your account and that there aren't 
any settings that are slipping through the cracks. 
In addition, look at any day parting or ad scheduling 
settings you have in place. When was the last time you 
pulled this data to make sure the current settings are 
the best choices? 
Review and adjust as needed.
7. Test Your Ad Extensions:
This may be something you think you have kept up 
on, but you might have given extensions less 
attention than they deserve. 
Make sure you are testing and rotating your ad 
extensions just like you would your ad copy. 
Make sure that when you move things around, or 
update your structure, that you also update your 
Sometimes extensions change, whether you change 
your website or your address.Now with Enhanced Campaigns, 
you can also add them on the Ad Group levels instead of 
just the Campaign level. 
Now that sitelink extensions are considered
individual extensions and not just one whole extension, 
you can review individual stats and determine which one 
is working better than the others. 
You can A/B test which extensions works better and use 
the results to keep only those extensions that are performing 
well. Extensions are there to help your account, whether in
the auction or by giving those searchers access to more of 
your information, so use them to your advantage and add any 
and all that apply to your account. 
It's also beneficial to be tracking the results of the 
tests to see what the added benefits are in both AdWords 
and Bing.
8. Conclude Ad Copy Tests:
It can sometimes take longer than you think for your 
ads to produce statistically significant data during 
testing cycles. 
This can cause ad copy tests to be forgotten.Make sure 
you take the time NOW! to check through and conclude 
any tests that have accumulated enough data.
9. Conduct New Ad Copy Tests:
After wrapping up any ad copy tests that had a 
statistically significant winner, it's time to add in 
a new round of copy! 
Come up with creative and compelling copy to
cycle in with the previous winner. Remember - keep 
ads brief, and emphasize the benefits of your product 
or service to the user first.
10. Don't Forget About Bing Ads:
Sometimes Bing can get put on the backburner 
because it isn't performing as well as AdWords 
is for your account. 
Fix that this January! Copy all of your latest 
work over from AdWords to Bing Ads. 
Not everything will work exactly the same, but 
it makes sense to try them on both engines in 
order to see what Bing can really do.
Ok that's it for Part 1 of "30 Ways to Outsmart the Competition in PPC",
stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 coming to you over the next few days.
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