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Here's your chance

Published: Tue, 10/20/20

Good news! You’re already on the list to receive COMSOL Tips & Tricks, industry updates, training opportunities and more in your inbo . Since we…

Changes to AltaSim's 2020 Training Calendar

Published: Thu, 07/09/20

Hello, As we continue to e perience the changes to our 'norm' that have been brought on by the current pandemic, the team at AltaSim hopes that you…

Join AltaSim at COMSOL Conference 2019

Published: Thu, 08/22/19

Hi, Just wanted to send you an email and let you know that AltaSim will be at COMSOL Conference 2019 in Boston again this year. You'll find us at our…

A New Course Offering

Published: Tue, 10/11/16

A New Course Offering That’s right. AltaSim has added a new course to the many courses they teach on a regular basis. This course – Acoustic Problems…

COMSOL Conference 2016

Published: Wed, 09/28/16

COMSOL Conference 2016Have you registered? The annual COMSOL Conference is upon us. In just a week, 30 hands-on training opportunities, talks by…

Our Remaining 2016 COMSOL Training Classes

Published: Mon, 08/22/16

There are ten individual COMSOL training classes we offer between now and the end of the year. It is not too late to invest in yourself. Because it is…


Published: Thu, 04/21/16

Waiting Sometimes waiting is easier when we know what's coming.We’ve been waiting to share a new development in the Electronics Cooling world. Waiting…

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