COMSOL Tips & Tricks - New in v5.0!

Published: Mon, 11/24/14

COMSOL v5.0 has added a powerful, new way of performing parametric sweeps.  Previously, in versions before v5.0, COMSOL has given users the ability to perform parametric sweeps on model parameters such as loads, material properties, geometric dimensions, and even mesh element size parameters.  These sweeps can be set-up with the goal of calculating a large set of solutions automatically or improving convergence behavior of non-linear problems.

However, one limitation to the previous functionality was that sweeping over discrete sets of materials or functions was difficult and in some cases impossible to set-up.  But now, with the new “Switch” option it is possible to set up a “Material Sweep” or “Function Sweep”.  These new sweep techniques utilize the switch option to toggle between discrete material selections (with all their properties) or between discrete function selections. 

See the screenshots below for the workflow for defining a material sweep of a plate bending simulation.  Note that during post-processing, a drop-down box for the “Switch” enables toggling between:  Aluminum, Steel, Copper, or Titanium.

Stay tuned for more COMSOL Tips & Tricks coming as a result of v5.0. As we dig to collect more, we will share them here and/or on our Blog, and/or in our Training Classes. Speaking of Training Classes, there is still time to register for our upcoming Web-Based Solver Setting for Effective Analysis in COMSOL Multiphysics to be held on December 8-10, 2014.

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PS. Special thanks to Josh Thomas for putting this Tip & Trick together to share.

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