Alexia Camfield - October 2014 Newsletter

Published: Thu, 10/30/14

Alexia Camfield bringing you Both Sides of the Couch

Whenever I have a client come to me for help with being on time, I cringe because I too share this problem. Regardless of how early I start my day, I typically begin slipping into a pattern of falling behind schedule which has a tendency to snowball until there is a break in the day that serves as a catch up, and then I’m back to being behind again before I know it. This Summer I had a client who was facing dire consequences with her employers if she did not resolve her lateness issue. Eager to help her find a solution and a moment of self-reflection that I too could benefit from some tuning up in this arena I decided to research this matter and see what exactly can be done to help the chronically late become more timely. This is what I found:

  1. Research shows that...

Highlight of the Month:  OPRAH!  My sister in law had invited me to go attend Oprah’s Life You Want event with her almost 6 months ago.  I was of course looking forward to this from the initial invite but when the weekend finally arrived (October 17th & 18th)  I realized I had not formed any expectations of what this event would entail.  It was an incredible experience and I walked away with some great tools and inspiration.  I am excited to share some of these in next month’s edition. 

In early October I attended an event honoring the Parish School in Houston.  It was such an incredible honor to hear the stories of the parents and the children who have benefitted in life changing ways from the educational and early childhood intervention support provided by the Parish School.  It is a loving and nurturing environment that is equipped to address the speech and language and developmental needs of children with language and learning differences. What stood out above all from what I learned about the Parish school is the level of gratitude the families of the children who are able to attend feel for what this school offers the children and their families.  For more information, visit

Family Table:  This weekend my daughter was home from college.  She requested one of our family favorites:  Zucchini, Potato & Leek Soup.  We made an abundance and sent enough with her to share with friends.  I am sharing this recipe on Family Table this month.  Enjoy!

Find what inspires the change you seek!


Start:  by Jon Acuff

" Action aways beats inaction."  
- Jon Acuff

" The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule but to schedule your priorities."
- Stephen Covey  

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