Alexia Camfield - November 2014 Newsletter

Published: Sun, 11/30/14

Alexia Camfield bringing you Both Sides of the Couch

“With the rising of the sun you ask, what will I make of this new day?” – Oprah

I can’t think of better November topics with Thanksgiving almost here than Pie and Gratitude! In October I was invited to attend Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend.  It was set up like a classroom / workshop and in addition to Oprah there were several key speakers or teachers who shared insights into navigating our lives and the challenges we are presented with in a way that we are ultimately able to co-create lives we want. 

The “trailblazers” (as she calls them) that...


Last month I shared with you research on punctuality that one of my clients and I were experimenting with for our own time management issues.  For myself, it was helpful to identify the specific ways of thinking that were contributing to my lateness.  I very much related to trying to pack more than is possible into the time that I have and having a difficult time moving on until I have finished.  I defined what positives I thought I would get from being more timely in order to remind myself why I was pursuing changes in my thinking and behavior.  I posted this at the front of my calendar.

I also kept a time log each day in which I estimated how long I thought each part of my day would take the day before and then noted the actual time each task actually took.  This helped me to have more realistic thinking.  It became clear to me quickly that I often only planned for best case scenario and was not being realistic with how long most activities usually take. 

I adopted the strategy of budgeting time in round numbers rather than split second timing and I found that I had to edit out some of the activities I was trying to squeeze in and this very quickly resulted in greater punctuality. 

Finally, I purposefully defined which items each day were priority items and which items could be reassigned if time did not allow for completion of my entire list for the day. 

I gave myself almost a month to play around with these new ideas and slowly but surely I have found myself not only arriving a bit early but also better able to stay on time for my appointments throughout the day.  It is a work in progress but I am enjoying the process and do not miss the frenzy that had become such a part of my daily life!

I recently checked in with my client to find out how her transition back to school has been.  She was excited to report that not only is she making it to class on time she is having a much happier semester. When I asked her how she was managing something that at one time seemed almost impossible to her, she emphasized the importance of starting each day off with positive thinking and how this allows her to put one foot in front of the other where as negative thinking was distractive and counterproductive.  She also emphasized the use of whole numbers or rounding up when planning around timing.  On a final note, she also discovered that she is better able to manage time when she has had enough sleep.  The positive experience she has had from these changes serves to reinforce for her the behaviors she is hoping to keep in place. 

Who knew?  In the pursuit of better time management motivated by the desire for punctuality we both found successes and the bonus of greater happiness. 

Family Table:   Minestrone Soup.  Enjoy!

Find what inspires the change you seek!


What I Know for Sure:  by Oprah Winfrey

The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire:  by Deepak Chopra


What We Talk About When We Talk About God:  by Rob Bell




Eat, Pray, Love:  by Elizabeth Gilbert




Forgiveness:  by Iyanla Vanzant





“Create the highest, grandest vision for your life then let every step move you in that direction.

"Every one of us is looking for the same thing – we want to know we matter.” 

- Oprah Winfrey

“Life always reflects back to you the state of your emotional being.  If you are not happy with what is being reflected back to you in your greatest power is emotional awareness."

" We are each responsible for our own emotions and our own lives.”
- Deepak Chopra

“The stories of our lives are never easy or painless.  Transformation requires change and uncertainty which we are deeply uncomfortable with.  That’s why we don’t make change until we are deeply uncomfortable with where we are.”

“He who would be what he ought be must stop being what he is.”

“Are you planning at some point to be the hero of your own story?  What are you waiting for?”

- Elizabeth Gilbert

“Life matters.  Despair comes from believing that tomorrow will be a repeat of today.  You have to start by embracing the life you have.”

“If you ask people to list the 5 things that made them who they are their list contains challenges they have made it through.  The mess has power.”

“If you are going to play the question game, you have to play it both ways.” – This was referencing if we are going to ask “Why?” terrible things happen in the world and in our lives, we also have to ask “Why?” good and wonderful things happen."

- Rob Bell

“If you made it through the past you passed.  You don’t have to make an ‘A’ to make it through life.”

“If you get caught up in the pain and challenges it keeps you from recognizing the gifts.”

“The best way to get what you want is to be able to celebrate someone else getting it first.”

“Forgiveness can’t happen until you mourn the loss.”

- Iyanla Vanzant

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