Alexia Camfield - July 2014 Newsletter

Published: Thu, 07/31/14

Alexia Camfield bringing you Both Sides of the Couch

In graduate school I learned a lot about assessments. Psychological researchers are great at designing tools that allow us to gauge just about anything relevant to being human. One of the more interesting tools I came across was an assessment to measure healthy family functioning. It was broken down into 26 elements and the manual provided a thorough understanding of each measure. I remember being fascinated with how valuable this information was in consideration of the characteristics one would want to nurture to maximize overall family health.  


It has been a fun first month seeing clients in the new Houston office!  The 4 minute commute from my home was pretty sweet. 

I will be out of the office July 28 through August 2nd.  My family will be at the beach in Florida! I will be launching an official Both Sides of The Couch FB (Facebook) page and will share my first post from Grayton Beach. 

I just added a new page to my website called Family Table where you can find an overview of the concept along with my first family recipe.  

This past month I saw an interview with Laurie David and Katie Couric.  They are behind a new documentary coming out about the importance of cooking meals in families.  If you are interested you can see the trailer here...

These women have also teamed up with Kristen Uhrenholdt and authored a book called The Family Cooks.

The main books in my life besides self help and psychology, are about health and nutrition and cooking.  I developed a passion early on for what I would call mindful eating.  It has been a vlue of mine to understand and care about where the food we eat comes from and then to prepare it with thoughtfulness.  The first career my husband was in was as a chef.  Together we have fostered a strong value in our family of respect and love around the family table.  I am inspired to share some of our favorite recipes and experiences on this page. 

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Self Coaching 101:  by Brooke Castillo

"In my life nothing goes wrong.  When things seem to not meet my expectations, I let go of how I think things should be.  It's a matter of not having any attachment to any fixed outcome."  
-  Deepak Chopra

"Comparison is the thief of Joy."   
-  Theodore Roosevelt

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