Additional Free Codes Available for Personality Profile

Published: Thu, 09/04/14

In my August newsletter:

I provided a code for anyone interested in taking the Project
Fascination personality profile at no cost. This code expired Sept.
1st. I have been provided a new code that is effective until October
4th. This new code gives you access to take the personality profile
and will provide you with a short report.

If you missed access to the code because of the September 1st
deadline and would like to find out more about how the world sees
you, go to: and use the code:
EBL-acinspired. I posted a snapshot of my results in my newsletter
if you want to see more about this tool. I think it can be
interesting to learn more about ourselves and be able to apply
this information in our daily lives. You may enjoy doing this with
family and friends and compare results. Have fun! Alexia