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Published: Tue, 12/19/17

Mastery of Meditation Newsletter: December 2017: Second Edition
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Dear Friends,

Greetings and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers. 

Lots of new videos being appreciated on our YouTube Channel and Facebook Fan Page, so we hope you will also find them useful in taking your practice deeper and taking your spiritual evolution to the highest level.

This Edition Features :-

  1. Kundalini Yoga Exercise to Tone and Open Shoulders.
  2. 3 Best Mudras for Meditation.
  3. The Golden Rule for Living a Happy Life.
  4. 5 Mistakes of Beginner Meditators.
  5. Announcing New Live Online Meditation and Yoga Workshops w/ Anmol.

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Yoga to Tone and Open Shoulders:
This yoga video is going to teach you an excellent technique to open up your tight, tense shoulders, and help you tone and strengthen your shoulder muscles.

Benefits of See-Saw Shoulder Workout:
  • Excellent for opening the shoulders and relieving tension and stiffness.
  • Good for strengthening and toning the shoulder muscles.
  • Opens up the Heart Center and promotes love, compassion and forgiveness.
  • Good warm-up exercise to get the blood flowing and respiration going.
  • Builds fitness.
  • Stimulated the flow of Kundalini (Energy) up the spine and to the higher centers.
  • Helps build willpower and character.
Watch the video and read the full article here:
3 Best Mudras for Meditation:

In this video you are going to learn what are the 3 best mudras for meditation and how they can help take your meditation practice to the next level.

Watch the video and read the full article here:

  Golden Rule for a Happy Life:

How to live a purposeful, happy, meaningful and full life is discussed in this video.  This age old wisdom is the key to finding joy in your life and escaping the endless futility of seeking and chasing. 

A happy life is just around the corner, the question is do you have the courage to live it?
YouTube Video Direct Link


5 Common Meditation Mistakes:

This video discusses the Top 5 Most Common Mistakes beginner meditators make which prevents them from establishing a successful daily meditation practice.  
Live Online Meditation & Yoga Classes:
Great to receive all the positive responses regarding the soon to launch Live Meditation and Yoga Workshops :-).

If you are interested in taking these workshops please let me know via email ([email protected]) so I can plan suitable timings to accommodate the global audience.  You may simply reply to this newsletter expressing your interest.

The cost for the workshops will be in the $10 range.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

If you enjoyed this newsletter please forward on to your friends and family so they too can benefit.
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