Yoga for Abs, Zen Meditation, Yogic Breathing for Panic and Anxiety

Published: Sat, 03/24/18

Mastery of Meditation Newsletter: March 2018: First Edition
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This Edition Features :-

  1. Yoga Boat Pose for Stomach and Tummy
  2. How to Do Zen Meditation
  3. Yogic Breathing for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Excellent Yoga Pose for Toning Stomach:
This yoga video is going to teach you an excellent technique for working on your abdominal muscles and your core strength. Great for toning your abs as well as shaping your stomach.

Watch the video and read the full article here:
How to do Zen Meditation:

Zen Meditation or Zazen is the the corner stone of Buddhist Meditation practice. It is a wonderful technique that will help you find peace and calm, along with promoting insight and Self-Realization.

The video below is a free live workshop recently held on our Facebook FanPage.  Watch the video and read the full article here:

  Yogic Breathing For Panic Attacks:

Panic attacks and anxiety are debilitating conditions that can severely impact your quality of life and become obstacles in your personal and spiritual growth.

The 7-11 Breathing Technique is a very effective method for countering stress, and can help your regain control when faced with panic or intense anxiety.

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