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Darci's Booster: My Favourite Things

Published: Sat, 04/01/23

Raindrops on Roses My Favourite Things Raindrops on Roses… My client Sherri gave me a great idea. She said, “I am turning 52 years old, so I am going…

Darci's Booster: Feb-YOU-ary

Published: Mon, 02/27/23

Show Up for Yourself Feb-YOU-aryShow Up for Yourself This month, it’s all about YOU – taking care of and loving you. In order to show up and love…

Darci's Booster: Happy New Year!

Published: Mon, 01/02/23

What's your theme for 2023? Happy New Year! Happy New Year! An annual tradition that seems to consume most of us this time of year is the making of a…

Darci's Booster: Life is Short

Published: Thu, 12/01/22

Use the good china! Life is ShortUse the Good China! Years ago, I was out walking my dog, and there was a garage sale in my neighbourhood. I stopped…

Darci's Booster: Believe in You

Published: Tue, 11/01/22

Just because they say it… Does it mean it’s true? Believe in YouJust because they say it… Does it mean it’s true? I was in high school and told the…

Darci's Booster: Living, Loving & Learning

Published: Tue, 10/04/22

Living, Loving & Learning Living, Loving & Learning It was 1993, and I was 24 years old, having what I now call my “quarter-life crisis.” I was a…

Darci's Booster: From Darkness Comes Light

Published: Fri, 09/16/22

Our problems are small in comparison From Darkness Comes Light It has felt like a heavy September so far. There is sadness in our world, in our…

Darci's Booster: Stay Grateful

Published: Thu, 08/18/22

Our problems are small in comparison Stay Grateful As I walked into the hotel lobby for an event this week, it was full of people. There were people…

Darci's Booster: Happy Summer!

Published: Tue, 07/05/22

What will you do? Happy Summer! I like to kick off the summer with a re-read of Michael Singer’s book, The Untethered Soul. Michael asks the question,…

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