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The 2 Most Important Qualities for Success

Published: Tue, 04/27/21

To unsubscribe click here: Hi ,“I often look at my life and ask, “Well, here’s what I want, but am I willing to become the kind of person it will…

Why Nice Girls Get Fat!

Published: Tue, 04/20/21

To unsubscribe click here: Hi, In our society, what passes as "nice" in women is often passivity, compliancy, people pleasing, and martyrdom. Women…

Feelings Aren't Facts

Published: Tue, 04/13/21

To unsubscribe click here: Hi, Feelings aren't facts. ~Anonymous Have you ever assumed that you’re bad, unworthy or defective because you’ve felt…

Do You Know Who You Really Are?

Published: Tue, 04/06/21

To unsubscribe click here: Hello, Enlightenment means waking up to what you truly are and then being that. ~ Adyashanti Enlightenment is the true…

Are You Looking to be Fixed?

Published: Tue, 03/30/21

To unsubscribe click here: Hello ,If you tend to flit from one weight loss diet or program after another, you are probably looking for something to fi…

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