Costa Rica 2015!

Published: Sun, 10/05/14

October 2014: Photo Courtesy Maggie Smith

October - the month when days can be as warm as August or windy and bitter as Late November. This is when we the feast on the last of raspberries and seek out the best apples and pears. Zucchini is replaced with winter squash. Pumpkin and kale take on the fall sweetness brought on by colder nights.

Many don't realize that the cooler air make the fall vegetables taste better. Any faint bitterness of hearty greens and carrots are mellowed in autumn. Squash can become as sweet as candy after a few chilly nights.

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, collards, kale, kohlrabi, mustard, onions, parsley, peas, radishes, spinach, turnips, leeks, and sorrel will survive frosts. 

Corn, basil, peppers, zucchini beans, cucumbers, eggplants, melons, pumpkins, summer squash, sweet corn, tomatoes, and winter squash will wilt away.

Soon will come the mornings when we awake and wonder - is this a hard frost or a light frost? Light frost occurs when the temperature drops to below 32 degrees and refers to the light layer of ice crystals that form when water vapor condenses and freezes without first becoming dew. 

A hard freeze is when the temperature drops to below 25 degrees and maintain that temperature  for four or more hours.  

As we begin to put our gardens to rest and plan for the colder months, it is not too early to plan your escape to the warmer parts of the world. The places that will never see frost, light or hard. 

We are excited to be offering our Costa Rica retreat again this coming late winter 2015. In New England, February and March are often exhausting reminders of how far we are from escaping winter. Snow still greets  us in the morning mid-March and most find themselves looking  for more sunshine and a little less cold.

Come join us in Costa Rica where the average daily temperatures hit 85 degrees with a fine breeze straight off the the ocean. The Diaeta Way tribe had a blast last spring on the Osa Peninsula. We enjoyed amazing food, yoga lectures, hikes cooking classes, and soaked up loads of Vitamin D.

Last year was completely booked up in no time, so this year we are prepared. We are offering TWO WEEKS, February 21st - 28th, and February 28th - March 7th. 

Not only that, but super talented yogi Julie Rappapport of Yoga Bliss in Berkeley, CA will be joining Jan and John for this incredible experience.  We guarantee a great time! Consider joining us or call us and get more details!

508.360.4491 is the number to call to reach Jan directly about making your plans!

So, as the first frost makes patterns on your window or as you put the garden to rest, consider where you might want to be when winter is no longer a novelty -  this February or early March!

Our Costa Rica trip is all about living the Diaeta Way and of course that includes wonderful meals! This is a great opportunity to learn how to incorporate the Diaeta Way of eating into your life. 

For breakfast we eat loads of fresh fruits with our own yogurt, or soft poached eggs over greens with black beans or yucca pancakes! For lunch there is a choice of soups, salads, fresh fish, and fish tacos! We made several versions of mayo with avocados for the tacos.

Dinner is a spectacular spread of fish or chicken and 5-6 side dishes that are loaded with color and flavors. On Tuesday nights we have dinner together on the beach.

The cooking classes and lectures bring it all full circle.

We have included this egg-free mayo for you to try. If you were unsure, eggs are allowed on the Diaeta Way plan. Still, isn't it fun to change it up and have a delicious alternative? (Incase you are taking or break from eggs or the chickens are taking a break from laying!)

Raw Egg-Free Mayo Recipe
"The lectures were great, entertaining, interactive engaging and the setting beautiful.  The cooking demo's really illustrated the ease of doing it yourself, and corrective actions as you go along. Delicious, presentations beautiful!  WOW, Emily, knows bodies. Although a "basic" class, getting back to basics was what I needed and I am sure we all got a lot out of un-layering the "basics".  The activities, hikes and boat trip offered great variation and well coordinated. The garden - how appropriate, seeing the dolphins, and mangrove birds (the rosette billed birds were incredible!) The Long Trek, Sid did a great job as our guide and kept us going. Gave attention when needed (Highly poisonous spider alerts, etc.) Can't believe I made it, and shows me I can do more outside of my comfort zone.  Property walking with Sid, the Birds - EVERYTHING was amazing! How I ate so much and lost 10 pounds is beyond me!" 

"My husband and I had one of the best trips of our lives this winter during a retreat in Costa Rica with chef Jan Buhrman and nutritionist John Bagnulo. What stands out as highlights are the community of like-minded people we got to know, the incredible local food prepared and coordinated by Jan, the immersion into nature, and the inspiration we came away with to take our health and nutrition to the next level. Jan organized a relaxing, informative, experiential retreat in one of the most beautiful settings we've ever been to. We loved it so much that we're signing up for two weeks next year!"
- Michelle Maclean, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"We thank you, thank you, thank you!  I'm printing out your delicious recipes as I write this. What a wonderful week of brilliant teachings. Now that you two have helped me to be smarter - and I look forward to more - we would be happy to be involved in future events." 
Maggie and Peter Farra
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We have been focusing heavily on our blog, website, and web presence. Diaeta Way is a community for those who want to live in balance, and we want to provide the tools, both online and offline, to make that goal a reality.

We are planning to launch another online email cleanse this November, and will begin to put the word out soon. Our first group had an awesome time, and gave some stellar feedback which we will incorporate into the next round of cleansers. 

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