Saying Grace

Published: Thu, 11/20/14

The Diaeta Way is about living in balance. Thanksgiving could be a holiday that throws you a curve ball. Family and large meals are wonderful but they can sometimes bring on stress. This stress can disrupt our bodies’ ability to self-regulate with things like carbohydrate consumption and blood sugar control.

The shortening days and decreased sunlight are already working against our natural efforts. With less sunlight, serotonin levels drop and we start to self medicate with sweets, bread, chocolate, etc. Additionally, the stress and travel of the holidays warrants an increase in our fruit and vegetable intake but they are often sorely missing during the fall and winter. Incorporating more of these sustaining foods into traditional recipes is one way to help restore some healthy balance at this wonderful time of year. Ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, pomegranates, dark greens, and lemon peels (along with the juice) can go a long way.


We are including a few links here to help you make it through the coming weeks:

Under Pantry Intelligence: Heritage Breed Turkey Talk, you will find thoughts on turkeys and heritage birds. We have also included a link to a printable recipe PDF that you may use for Thanksgiving, or any number of Holiday gatherings!


What to eat for thanksgiving…

If you are a turkey eater, eat one from a farmer who feeds their turkey a diet of organic grain and allows the turkey plenty of pasture. After reading about heritage breeds, we hope you will not be purchasing the butterball.

Finally, living the Diaeta Way is about living with daily gratitude. This week we share some  of our favorite Graces.

With joy and reference

we give thanks

for the wondrous power of growing things and for the sustenance our lives receive

from the beauty of the earth

and the fellowship of all things

From Simple Graces For Every Meal by Ingrid Goff- Maidoff


With Gratitude from our families to your this Thanksgiving,



John & Jan