Enter 2015 Feeling Lighter, Happier, and Ready to Take on a New Year!

Published: Fri, 12/05/14

Every year many of us enter January a little fatter, a little more worn-out, and loaded with toxins from a month of sweets and bad foods! This year, approach the holidays a differently. Try removing the sweets and flour for the whole month!

We are currently offering a 21-Day cleanse through the month of December. If you simply cannot find time to take on a cleanse right now, try an adaptation: Twice per week take a mini-cleanse by replacing two of your meals with only vegetables. You will be amazed how much better you feel after two days of this toxin relief!

Holidays are challenging times, with parties serving heavy hors d’oeuvres, alcohol and sugar! Plan ahead. Eat before you go. Or offer to bring a platter of vegetables with a wonderful dip. We have included a few recipes, under "Executions & Techniques," above that will be both delicious and keep you in balance. Enter 2015 feeling good! We even threw in a sparkling pomegranate citrus sparkling drink that makes for a perfect holiday punch.

Also, you are likely looking towards gifts for the end of the month. Let us help!

Consider a gift for yourself or a loved one with a week either in Costa Rica or on Martha’s Vineyard! If you sign up for the either our April Rejuvenation or Costa Rica, you will receive an enrollment to the online cleanse for free!

The online cleanse is a 21-day cleanse where participants receive a daily guide with recipes, nutritional information and inspirations,  You can join as it fits in your schedule.

Make a commitment to 2015 to feeling better, happier and lighter!

May this holiday season be bright and light!

Jan and John