Wellness Retreats are Worth It!

Published: Sun, 09/21/14

It's starting to get chilly in the Diaeta Way kitchen. The summer months are coming to an end, and that means we are getting ready for our fall workshops!
Jan  and John are hosting their second Metabolic Boot Camp on Martha's Vineyard this October 19th through the 24th!

You may be participating in our online cleanse now, or have attended other events. If so, you know the  wonderful lessons and experiences you can take away from an adventure with Jan and John, and the rest of the Diaeta Way tribe!

At the Metabolic Boot Camp you will get your blood flowing and your body chemistry in order. You can expect great meals, lessons, yoga, hikes, and other important techniques to maintaining a healthy life through the fine tutelage of John & Jan.
A Few Special Guests
Stefan Knight - Pilates/Rolfing
Stefan Knight is a certified pilates, rolfing instructor and massage therapist, currently teaching at Vineyard Pilates Center. Stefan will be joining us to lead a workshop during the Metabolic Boot Camp. Stefan comes with years of experience, and accolades. We are very excited that he will be joining us. 
Stefan has also offered personal sessions in pilates and rolfing. For those interested please contact us directly at info@diaeta-way.com.
Stefan Knight
Holly Bellebuono - Herbalist 
Jan has always enjoyed working with Holly Bellebuono, certified herbalist and apothecary. Holly most recently mixed the detox tea that accompanied the Diaeta Way 21 Day Cleanse: a Journey of Renewal referral promotion.

Holly will lead the Metabolic Boot Camp group in a herbal workshop, where participants will have an opportunity to sample some of her teas and tinctures. This invaluable experience shows another side of how important the natural world's impact plays on our health choices.
Vineyard Herbs
Jane Norton
Mollie Doyle
Emily Phillips
We have the pleasure of working with a few of our favorite Vineyard Yoga Teachers, each with her own unique style and focus. We will be enjoying yoga daily each morning, lead by Jane, Mollie or Emily. This will give all of us the opportunity to know our body physicality more intimately, and offer a better understanding of yoga through a variety practices and positions.

Jane, Mollie, and Emily are all incredibly kind hearted, and patient yogis with the experience and knowledge to cater towards all levels of yoga. 
Testimonials from 2014 Spring Metabolic Boot Camp

"I just returned from the Spring Cleanse with Jan Buhrman and Jon Bagnulo. Wow! I was prepared to be bored eating only fruit and veggies, but the food was delicious - smoothies, soups, salads, and curries full of flavor and spices. Jan gave lots of cooking demonstrations and we all got a chance to help in the kitchen. Jon gave two nutrition talks a day on the healing power of food, the latest research and best culinary practices. I can't believe how much I learned. In between there were hikes, yoga classes, bike rides and plenty of free time. I went with a friend and we had so much fun meeting all the other great people that Jan attracts to these events. It was a perfect week and if you have a chance to go, I heartily recommend it." - Laura Plunket

"I want you to know that week literally changed my life and my family's life as well. I came back and proposed that we all try this new way of eating for the month of May which we have. I bought a Ninja blender and am making smoothies every morning. We are cooking tons of vegetables (not 42 different ones per week but getting close!) and fish and have eliminated grains, dairy, and sugar. It has not been as much of  challenge as I expected and we all feel much better. We've needed a new fridge for ages and buying all the produce prompted the purchase of a new fridge with more space which is fun. All in all you've changed the lives of four people who are far healthier than before. John was an inspirational teacher and I am grateful for his compassion and patience." - Christine

"The lectures were so informative, non-threatening and inviting. The hands-on cooking classes were invaluable!!! Both yoga instructors were terrific. Loved the biking and hiking and the reminder of nurturing our earth,  I loved starting each day with a smoothie. I loved that you made different versions each day . The meals were wonderful and more vegetables than I have eaten in my life!  The Colors were so powerful that I could feel them in my body! Your ideas for leftovers; toppers and using salad dressing from soup was remarkable. I am defiantly going for making my own kimchi. It was such a blessing to have multi-generations here in this amazing facility! With love and thanks!" - Dianne Cogburn

One on One Consultations
John, Jan, and Stefan have all made room in their schedules to meet with Metabolic Boot Camp participants individually at an extra cost. Those interested in personal nutritional guidance, pantry planning, or any of Stefan's expertise are encouraged to contact ahead of the retreat. Massage therapy and Facials are also available. Please contact info@diaeta-way.com for further assistance booking these services.
Need more convincing? Read our blog!
While you might find value in your journey to health through online programs like our 21 Day Cleanse, here are a few reasons why a healing retreat is worth your time.
**If you cannot join us for this particular retreat, or would prefer more a little more adventure and a little less boot camp, consider joining us for one or two weeks in Costa Rica, Spring 2015.
John and Jan
John and Jan