Super Bowl Sunday the Diaeta Way!

Published: Fri, 01/30/15

The snow that hit New England was a long awaited cherished blanket of winter magic. We took a long walk and visited with friends and neighbors. We got enough snow to make everyone slow down and change the pace. The kids are sledding the dogs are chasing, and there is time to chill! Something about not being able to go anywhere and nothing to do that brings out the essence of being….

Today marks Day 11 for our online cleansers. Our daily online cleanse is a 3 week program of eating specific foods designed to calm inflammation and balance the body. We eliminate foods that can cause inflammation and trouble for most people. It includes vegetables, a small amount of fruit, very clean animal protein, some starches and a lot of vegetable smoothies. Once the body is calm, and the disease symptoms diminish, it becomes noticeable to a person when a trigger food is eaten and the symptoms come back.

As part of the Diaeta Way, we encourage you to serve 20-30 vegetables varieties per week. This is because you need the fiber; your gut needs the variety and your body needs the balance. We encourage you look for vegetables that you do not normally cook. Chicories may be one such vegetable. We have included a posting on the chicory family here. We have also included two soup recipes. Cook your soups in volume and freeze or share with a friend.

Jan is just back from 10 days in Washington DC, where not only were turnips on many restaurant menus, but they were also abundant at the farmers market. And the week just wouldn’t be complete with mention of the avocado.

The Super Bowl is Sunday! Are you ready? You will be if you stock up on avocados, onions, limes, cilantro, and endive leaves (a cleansers guacamole chip.) We share all there is to know about avocados.

These recipes are perfect for our cleansers. YES! We planned it this way!

Cheers! Jan and John