Welcome Winter with Ground Beef Stew

Published: Fri, 02/06/15

Winter has finally come to the Northeast. February, for some of us, is a time to seek cozy nights by the fire and hunker down. In Taoist philosophy there is universal balance in terms of yin and yang, the complementary forces that govern the universe, and winter is yin.

Yin characteristics are water, cool, slow, feminine, and quiet, whereas yang is the opposite: warm, dry, fast, masculine, extroverted. Winter is a time for storing and conserving energy.

In agrarian cultures time by the fire eating warm, slow cooked, nourishing meals and sharing stories with family are some of the ways to enjoy these shorter days. It is a time for contemplating, restoring and planning for the unfolding of the Spring ahead.

Diaeta Way encourages good fats, 100% pastured grass-fed beef, and discourages chicken in your diet. Yep, that’s right, we are no longer eating chicken. Well, let’s clarify that! Chicken soup does and will always have a special place at the table. For many of us, chicken soup is the cure for anything from a broken heart to the flu, so who could argue that? But, as part of the regular diet, read John’s notes on chicken.

To balance out the yin, potatoes and beef are a good addition. Yang foods, such as onions, garlic, herbs and ginger replenish energy.

Most of us naturally seek comfy food and our cleansers are no different. After three weeks, they are ready to get back to some of their favorite dishes. While we encourage a slow transition for the best benefits, Jan created a delicious ground beef stew. 100% grass-fed beef in a weekly or bi weekly diet can have great benefits for some. This Shepherd’s Pie is a recipe to save for a Saturday or Sunday as it takes time. Tt can be adapted easily for those cleansing and those who are simply seeking healthy comfort foods.

So, prepare to build your cave, the next storm is coming.

Jan and John