Navigating the Food Landscape in 2015...

Published: Sat, 01/03/15

GMOs the discussion begins… and continues..

We feel very passionate about a lot of food choices, but GMOs in our food are not a food choice for us! GMOs are not a choice because they are not labeled and therefore most people do not even know they are in their food. We are often asked questions about GMOs and here we share some of our responses to different questions or situations that have been presented. We will be posting the answers over the next several weeks as some of our responses have been lengthy.

Please email us with any questions and we will continue the discussion and hopefully demystify the issues around GMOs.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are plant and meat products that have had their DNA altered and this technology has lead many to believe that this is evolution of science and biotechnology for agriculture is good and a “natural” way to feed more people. Read more below about why this is simply not true!

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John & Jan