We "Heart" You!

Published: Mon, 02/16/15

Following Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be good to talk about the heart. We have included John's introduction to Hearth Heath! Every heart we know loves something sweet, so we have included recipes that will fill your sweet heart!

We are getting ready to set out for Costa Rica next week. We are currently developing the dessert menu. We have fabulous meals and desserts each night and dessert might consists of Costa Rican chocolate, mango pudding, coconut whipped cream with fresh fruit. Our desserts are often sweetened with dried fruits like dates and mangos and made creamy from soaked nuts and coconut oil. We will be sharing a few of those over the upcoming February newsletter.

If you are intrigued by John's writing on Heart Health, or any of our other explorations into intelligent eating, we highly recommend joining us in April on Martha's Vineyard for Finding Your Food Map, Defining Food Quality, or both! ​Whatever you do this week, give special attention to your heart!

Jan and John