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Prayables | Color Wars

Published: Sun, 04/24/22

Sunday April 24, 2022 COLOR WARS Once upon a time, the colors of the world started to quarrel. All claimed that they were the best. The most important…

Prayables | 🙏 weekly Q-Card Vol 268

Published: Sat, 04/23/22

Saturday April 23 2022 Click Here to share/print or use the Q-Card* for individual copy/paste When life gets messy, and life gets mean, remember –…

Prayables | God's Spring Prayer

Published: Fri, 04/22/22

Friday April 22, 2022 Comparison is the thief of joy. Theodore Roosevelt Take a side. Will you shake and shudder on the side of fear or will you…

Prayables | i love you if you love me

Published: Thu, 04/21/22

Thursday April 21, 2022 Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. Lyndon B. Johnson Kindness is a give-and-take…

Prayables | sincere wishes & prayers

Published: Wed, 04/20/22

Wednesday April 20, 2022 Honour belongs to those who never forsake the truth even when things seem dark and grim, who try over and over again, who are…

Prayables | More God-full

Published: Tue, 04/19/22

Tuesday April 19, 2022 We are worth only as good as our joys. St. Thomas Aquinas Happiness is in the heart not in the circumstances. May God bless you…

Prayables | Fur-ever Home

Published: Mon, 04/18/22

Monday April 18, 2022 You’ll never get anywhere if you go about what-iffing like that. Roald Dahl When life gets messy and life gets mean, remember -…

Prayables | Story of an Easter Miracle

Published: Sun, 04/17/22

Sunday April 17, 2022 EASTER MIRACLE Sometimes a miracle doesn’t come in the form that we e pect it to. Instead of a burning bush, we e perience a…

Prayables | 🐰 weekly Q-Card Vol 267 🐰

Published: Sat, 04/16/22

Saturday April 16 2022 Click Here to share/print or use the Q-Card* for individual copy/paste May God bless you with a heart that never hates, a smile…

Prayables | a few words together

Published: Fri, 04/15/22

Friday April 15, 2022 The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. Dolly Parton God has a plan, and you have a purpose.

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