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Prayables | whole week's worth Vol. 271

Published: Sat, 05/14/22

Saturday May 14, 2022 Click Here to share/print or use the Q-Card* for individual copy/paste What the good Lord gives you is a gift from God. What you…

Prayables | encounter God through music

Published: Fri, 05/13/22

Friday May 13, 2022 All of us have bad luck and good luck. The one who persists through the bad luck ā€“ who keeps right on going ā€“ is the one who is…

Prayables | sounds crazy???

Published: Thu, 05/12/22

Thursday May 12, 2022 Perfect prayer does not consist in many words. Silent remembring and pure intention raises the heart to that supreme Power. Amit…

Prayables | Holy Holy of All!

Published: Wed, 05/11/22

Wednesday May 11, 2022 A day without prayer is a day without blessing. A life without prayer is a life without power. Edwin Harvey No matter what your…

Prayables | šŸš« gossip

Published: Tue, 05/10/22

Tuesday May 10, 2022 Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the full staircase. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That which is so universal…

Prayables | Gift to God

Published: Mon, 05/09/22

Monday May 9, 2022 Human conduct is ever unreliable until man is anchored in the Divine. Everything in the future will improve if you are making a…

Prayables | Remembering on Mother's Day

Published: Sun, 05/08/22

Sunday May 8, 2022 REMEMBERING ON MOTHER'S DAY By Susan Diamond Random thoughts. Iā€™m out for lunch with a new friend. She is complaining about her…

Prayables | Mom Strong

Published: Fri, 05/06/22

Friday May 6, 2022 There's no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one. Jill Churchill May God bless all mothers with the…

Prayables | Hearing God's Commands

Published: Thu, 05/05/22

Thursday May 5, 2022 To rejoice in the prosperity of another, is to partake of it. William Austin May God bless you with the freedom and time to play…

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