No way

Published: Wed, 02/12/20

No way


I used to work for multinational companies. At that time, I never thought I could go freelance. In particular there was one obstacle that I could never overcome. I could never be as a salesperson.

Here are a few of my objections at the time:
  • I could never sell myself.
  • I don't like to network.
  • I am not a people's person.
  • Even if I can relate to people, everything changes for the worse if I need to sell something.
  • Selling is being disingenuous, artificial, fake.
  • Intellectuals don't sell.


But wait a second. I've been freelancing for 9 years now.

What happened?

I have a confession to make.
Not only I started selling.
I even started liking it.

The realization didn't come all at once.
  • You don't sell yourself. You sell your ideas and your methods.
  • Networking is by no means a necessity. You can sell without drinking wine or knowing everyone by name.
  • Everyone is a people’s person; we all use empathy all the time.
  • Selling is a natural part of relating to other people.
  • You can sell in a sleazy way (if you're sleazy), in a fake way (if you're fake), or in an honest and ethical way.
  • Intellectuals sell (their ideas) all day long. They can use the same ability to sell whatever else they please.


I started to enjoy the sales process when I made it mine, when I infused it with my own principles and methods.

This year I've decided to start sharing what I like about sales. And the first step of this new journey is in my latest blog post.

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