Musical Ambassadors of Peace Benefit in Denver

Published: Sat, 09/02/17

Helping Support Musical Ambassadors of Peace!
​​​​​​​Denver Productions by Meg York
Exciting Announcements Coming Soon
New Musical Ambassadors!
Additional New Projects!

USA - Healing Wounds of Cultural Occupation
Lakota Children on Pine Ridge Reservation
More Info Coming Soon

Ongoing Projects Expanding in 2018:

Northern Iraq - Healing Wounds of War
Yazidi Women - Liberated from Two Years Sex Slavery under IS

USA - Healing Wounds of War
Syrian and Iraqi Refugees In El Cajon

Saturday, September 9, 2017
Evening of Arabesque Dance
Mercury Cafe Jungle Room
2199 California St
Denver, CO 80205
7:00 - 9:00 PM
$20 at the Door
$15 in Advance
Zuruna Middle Eastern Music Ensemble
Dancers: Amina Salah, Caryln,
Julia Moon, Eva Cernik, Rafi'ah Ruyah
Produced by Meg York