New President Takes Lead for Musical Missions of Peace with Expanded Project Visions

Published: Thu, 04/21/16

Musical Missions of Peace is proud and excited to announce: Pete Jacobs is the new President of the Board of Directors!
I am especially excited to see my dear friend and fellow musician Pete Jacobs accept this position! Everything that Pete touches moves step by step toward greater and greater success! -Cameron Powers
Our current vision for MMofP activities falls into two general categories - Support for Musical Ambassadors and Support for Refugee Communities.  Within each category, we have identified several activities:

Musical Ambassadors
  - Musical ambassador training videos
  - Direct support (stipends) for musical ambassador activities abroad

Refugee Communities
  - Concerts
  - Music classes
  - Instruments

Of these, the musical ambassador training videos are the primary focus.  Of course, other ideas and comments are welcome! - Pete Jacobs
 Musical Missions of Peace is in a position to move forward rapidly.
Contact Pete Jacobs:
I have thought that Pete Jacobs would make an amazing president for Musical Missions of Peace for a long time now! We are so glad to finally have Pete on board with us! Thanks so much Pete for dedicating your time and energy to this. We so appreciate you! - Kristina Sophia
Peter C. Jacobs, P.E is founder and President of Building Metrics Incorporated (BMI), an energy engineering firm located in Boulder, Colorado specializing in building energy analysis and metering and monitoring services.  Current clients include the California Public Utility Commission, the New York State Department of Public Service and Duke Energy. 
When not doing engineering, Pete is an avid student and player of all types of music.  Pete started playing the bass in junior high school in New Jersey and played rock and jazz gigs in the Denver area throughout the 1980s and 1990s.  He was introduced to Middle Eastern music in the 1990s and started playing bass in the Saltanah Ensemble; performing in the Denver and Boulder area.  He started playing the oud in 2003.  He currently plays oud and bass with the Denver-based Zuruna Middle Eastern music ensemble.  Besides playing with Zuruna, Pete has also performed with the Cameron Powers Project, Rachid Halihal, the Zevk Ensemble, Meg York and Jon Seligman.  Pete especially loves the opportunity to make new personal and cultural connections through the gateway of music!
We thank our retiring President, Zia Parker for her wonderfully energetic contributions over the years. Zia will now be an interim Vice President. 

Musical Missions of Peace is actively searching for additional board members who feel inspired to take on active roles!
We would also like to share our excitement at the inclusion of one of our Musical Ambassador's programs, Ashti Drums, founded by Christine Stevens, in the new Music As Global Resource compendium of projects which have been active in Iraq!