Comic Buyers BEWARE: Fake Amazing Fantasy #15s on the Market!

Published: Fri, 05/22/15


A quick alert email for you today. TWICE in the past 10 days, I've been offered what the seller described as CGC-graded universal (non-restored) copies of Amazing Fantasy #15 (click to see our article on the most popular Silver Age Marvel key issue).

Both times, they are obviously AF15s but with bogus labels (probably restored copies being passed off as universal).

See these pictures. You can clearly see the font is not 'right' on the grade numerals. Of course both "sellers" (allegedly not honest) took blurry, bad-quality pictures.

In one set of photos, you can see the woman trying to sell it reflected in the CGC holder!

Fake AF15 Seller #1: Woman Reflected in Holder in Photos
Look out for this one. You can clearly see the font of the label is not the same as a genuine CGC graded book.

Fake AF15: seller reflected in CGC holder
Fake AF15: seller reflected in CGC holder
Fake AF15: seller reflected in CGC holder
This is the best picture. You can clearly see the woman reflected in the holder, and where the fake 4.0 label is overlapping the original label. The serial # looks grainy too.

Fake AF15 Seller #2: Man Claims to Have Found it in Home He Was Clearing
Same crap, different day.

Here's the second 'seller' who approached us. This time with a very feasible (i.e. could smell the BS from here) story about an AF15 found in a house he was clearing.

Notice anything about this book? RIGHT! It's the SAME book as the other seller was trying to flog to us! :)

See the damage to the right edge and the very wonky-looking label?

Different seller, same book! Beware of this scam
ImageDifferent seller, same book! Beware of this scam
What a Real CGC Label Looks Like
Here for comparison is a genuine CGC 4.0 label.

Genuine CGC label

Clearly a very different font on a real label...
Fake CGC label

The fake is not even a close match. 

Identity of the 'Sellers'
While innocent until proven guilty, here is the identity of these sellers.

Look out and report them to your local law enforcement agency if you encounter them.

'Justin Beltran' -- email [email protected]

'Susan Mundy' -- email [email protected]

Get Yourself a Genuine AF15!

If you want to take the risk out of buying AF15s, please get in touch by hitting reply.

We'll find a real copy of this milestone comic book, and guarantee its authenticity for you.
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