Horror Comics: 'Gross' Returns Could be Awesome!

Published: Sun, 11/15/15


Just a quick heads-up this issue. I spent all day putting together a list of the top 10 gross pre-Code horror comics that are worth investing in...

These things are seriously disturbing!
  • Decapitation? CHECK!
  • Eye injury? CHECK!
  • Rotting flesh? CHECK!
  • Exploding face? CHECK!
  • Severed tongues? CHECK!
Here are a few images to inspire you. Click any of the pics to read the full article.

Crime SuspenStories #22: Classic decapitation cover!

Mister Mystery #12: Eye injury cover!

Black Cat Mystery #50: Radiation burning human flesh cover!

Why These Books Are a Great Buy

 In the 1950s, a book called Seduction of the Innocent called upon comic book publishers to be more responsible for the youth who consumed their work.

Unbelievably, millions of comic books were thrown away or burned in community witch hunt-style roundups of Golden Age comic books.

Seduction of the Innocent, hardback edition

Seduction of the Innocent, hardback edition

The destroyer of millions of comic books and the reason so many of the
pre-Code horror comic books are worth so much money today!

Buy Now!

Even when your pension plan is a zombie and the stock market is horrific, these rare and desirable comic books will be a great asset.

And you can even read and marvel at the (truly quite gross) artwork and incredible imagination that went into their creation!

Click here to find out which of the most graphic and memorable pre-Code horror comic books are worth investing in, and what their record sales and minimum values are today.

Ashley Cotter-Cairns
Happy Flipping,

Ashley Cotter-Cairns