Sell My Comic Books Newsletter: February 2016

Published: Tue, 02/23/16


SORRY SORRY SORRY for the long radio silence! We try to send our Comic Book Cash newsletter to you once every week or ten days, but our Hot 100 must-buy investment books project has kept us super-slammed.

We're working hard to bring you this exciting resource FOR FREE. Read on to find out more about the Hot 100, after this month's What's Hot and What's Not.

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What's Hot, and What's Not?

We are going to attempt to highlight a strong investment and guide you away from potential trouble spots in every issue. This may not be a great time for you to feel inhuman...

Among Us Hide... the Inhumans! Time to Ditch Them, We Say

One of the hottest back issues of 2014-2015 was Fantastic Four #45, the first appearance of The Inhumans. This took off because the Marvel Cinematic Universe announced a movie project for 2019.

The usual pattern of price spiking and profit-taking wasn't seen on this title. In fact, growth was strong and sustained for pretty much 15 months.

Usually this continues until a movie comes out, when the prices correct. Star Wars was a good example.

But while there are more Star Wars movies coming, there will probably only be one Inhumans movie (who knows for sure?), and even though it's still years away, the profits are being taken on FF45 already. Prices are softening across all grade levels.

The biggest price drops have been seen at lower grades. High-grade copies of FF45 are still worth hanging onto in our opinion, but we recommend selling anything below CGC 7.0. This book is common in the VG- to FN+ range.

Want more information? Read our Inhumans Marvel Comics price guide here.

Fantastic Four #45: sell below CGC 7.0, hold between 7.0 and 9.0, buy at 9.0 or above

Fantastic Four #45

Sell below CGC 7.0, hold between 7.0 and 9.0, buy at 9.0 or above.
Prices very soft in the VG minus to FN+ range.

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Have You Binge-Watched Jessica Jones Yet?
Netflix fans will probably already know that Marvel's Jessica Jones, the spin-off from the original Alias character, is a must-watch.

Our very own Sean Goodrich has already spent an entire week of his spare time bingeing on JJ, and we thought it would be a good time to mention the character's first appearance.

Alias #1 is best collected in CGC 9.8, like most modern books. Click to buy a copy

Alias #1: 1st Jessica Jones

Alias #1 is best collected in CGC 9.8, like most modern books.
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ALMOST READY: The Hot Comics 100 List Nears Completion!

You voted for it in our recent survey, and it's nearly ready! With a fair slice of luck, I should be done with the Hot 100 very soon. Here's a sneak peek at the logo!

Hot 100 must-buy investment comics nearly ready

We invested in a talented graphic designer to come up with this cool comic-style icon, and matching navigation arrows to move back and forward through the 100 books on the list. It's going to look GREAT when it's ready.

Currently we are keeping the Hot 100 FREE to everybody. But as you might understand if you think for a moment about what's involved, for such a huge amount of work, the pressure is intense to make it worth everybody's while.

There is some debate about whether to charge for an enhanced version, such as a one-document PDF file you could download and carry on your smartphone or tablet to conventions or comic book stores.

Tell Us What You Think, and Save 35%!

We want YOUR opinion on this important decision. So, please...

We want to know your thoughts about the PDF version of the Hot 100. Specifically:

1) Is it something you'd be interested in buying? and

2) How much you would be prepared to pay for it

As a thank-you for your time and trouble, we will send you a 35 percent discount code towards the cost of the PDF version.

(There is no obligation to buy it when it is available.)

Thanks in advance for your opinions, and see you in the next issue of Comic Book Cash!

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