Sell My Comic Books Newsletter: January 2016

Published: Fri, 01/15/16


This is our first newsletter since the holidays. Hope 2016 is treating you well, and you're ready to make some big bucks investing in comic books this year.

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What's Hot, and What's Not?

We are going to attempt to highlight a strong investment and guide you away from potential trouble spots in every issue. Let's get galactic for a moment...

Once Upon a Time, in a Comic Book Galaxy Far, Far Away...

I'm going to presume you have all seen the Star Wars movie... Close followers of Hollywood movies' effect on comic book prices will already know the phenomenon of rising prices tailing movie hype, followed by a sharp correction once the movie comes out and speculators cash out of their key issues.

Prices for regular 30c editions of Star Wars #1 are rapidly softening. Every grade from 7.0 to 9.8 saw prices peak around mid-December, and in some cases drops of 20 or 25 percent over the hype highs are being reported.

Conversely, prices for the few 35c variants which hit the market are robust. Sell My Comic Books recently sold a 6.0 for $3,500 on eBay -- a more than double the previous record for the grade.

We still are bullish about this price variant. Star Wars fever isn't going to go away just because the latest movie hype has ended. Buying the variant issue guarantees scarcity.

Star Wars #1 35c price variant: Click to Find One (if you're lucky!)

Star Wars #1 35c price variant: Click to Find One (if you're lucky!)

How to identify the rare variants: Price in a square, not a diamond, and bar code at bottom left, not a blank box.

If you have one of these issues, please get in touch. We're buying!

To find one to invest in, click the button below.

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QUIZ TIME: What's the TRUE First Silver Age Appearance of Captain America?
If you said "Avengers #4", then you're not alone. That was MY guess too!

Surprisingly, there is an appearance of Cap more than six months EARLIER. We will be adding this information to our Silver Age Captain America Comic Price Guide.

The issue is Strange Tales #114, and prices of this book are heating up as the word gets around, and the Civil War movie approaches. The cover is awesome, too, with the Human Torch fighting Cap as citizens look on.

(If you're wondering whether this news makes Avengers #4 less desirable, then our answer is NO WAY. It's a cool cover, and will always be one of the Marvel mega-keys of the Silver Age.)

Strange Tales #114: First TRUE Silver Age Appearance of Captain America

Strange Tales #114: First TRUE Silver Age Appearance of Captain America

With the Civil War movie coming up, this is a 'sleeper' key issue that we are recommending as a strong BUY.

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Survey Results: Hot 100 On Its Way!

If you voted on our recent survey, THANK YOU. It is great to give you exactly what you want...

More than 60 percent of you voted for the Hot 100 Must-Buy Investment Comics list. So that's what we're working on right now!

This project is going to take a while. One of the challenges is deciding which 100 books are the hottest from a comic investor's point of view.

As soon as we're done, I'll write to you and unveil the list!

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