Sell My Comic Books Newsletter SPECIAL: Hot 100 Launches!

Published: Thu, 03/03/16


Big News! Our Hot 100 must-buy investment books project has LAUNCHED. For you impatient types... simply...

(Don't give up. If you make it all the way to page 101, you'll see a ton of exclusive Hot 100 bonuses too.)

Read on for full details of this exciting resource.

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What is the 100 Hot Comics List?
and... WHY?

We asked 3,600+ of you subscribers what you'd like to see next on Sell My Comic Books...

...more than 60 percent responded they would like to see the 100 Hot Comics You Must Invest In. So, as the saying goes, your wish is our command!

How to Navigate the List

It's really easy. You simply click the forward and back arrows to move up or down the list.

(If you want a full index to the list, you can find one on the #1 page and the bonus page... You'll need to click all the way through to get to them though. We don't want you to miss any of our 100 recommendations.)

This is what the arrows look like.

How Did We Pick the Hot 100, and Arrange Them in Order of "Hotness"?
Not an easy task, let me tell you!

It took days just to research the 100 titles. A few didn't make the cut, being replaced at the last minute by a new hotter book.

There was bitter debate at the office about which book deserves to be #1... Let's just say, it might take you by surprise!

Get to the End of the Hot 100, and Claim Your Hot Bonuses and Exclusives!

We want to thank our dedicated readers, especially those who browse the entire list!

So you'll find a bunch of bonuses on the final page (after #1 on the list).

It includes a FIFTY percent bonus if you pre-order the PDF edition (we promised 35 percent before, but we've outdone ourselves!).

We'd love to hear from you once you've seen the list.

See you in the next issue of Comic Book Cash!

Ashley Cotter-Cairns
Happy Flipping,

Ashley Cotter-Cairns