Ash Proof and Overstreet: Sell My Comic Books Jan 13

Published: Fri, 01/13/17

Great News! We're Overstreet Advisors!
and Find Out
What Ash Invested in During 2016


I'm delighted to announce that the first market report by Sean Goodrich and I will be published in the next Overstreet Price Guide. We're hugely proud to become Overstreet advisors.

I've read the market reports for years. They are GOLD. Great information for speculators, investors and collectors.

It feels great to be able to reach a wider audience with our ideas.

Read on to see what I put my own money into during 2016...

Ash Walks the Walk

DISCLAIMER: I am sharing this information with you because I want to demonstrate something vital.

Here's why I am tipping my hand...

It's relatively easy for me to write to you every couple of weeks and say, "Hey, you should be putting money into comic books for long-term growth."

But where's the proof that I believe in this?

The proof is right here.

The books below are my own personal purchases in 2016.

Over time, as I come to sell each book, I'll send you a report detailing what I paid for them and what I sold them for.

You can bet that if I believe in something enough to buy it myself, then it's something you should consider, too.

If you're interested enough to seek a copy of anything yourself, then click the images to search for similar available books.

Star Wars #1 35c Price Variant
CGC 7.5
Record sale in CGC 7.5: $5,500

Apologies for the idea of dressing up like The Emperor...

A relatively rare book. They exist in all kinds of grades, but above 6.0 they don't come along too often

MARKET TIP: I would buy this book in ANY grade you can find it in! Look to hold this book until you find a nicer one to upgrade to.

Incredible Hulk #1: Origin and First Appearance of Hulk
CGC 4.0
Record sale in CGC 4.0: $12,995

Another book on our 100 Hot Comics list, and finally beginning to gather steam after years of being 'overlooked'.

Sure, Hulk #1 was always a mega-key.

But while Tales of Suspense #39, Avengers #1 and #4 and other Marvel silver keys continued to enjoy huge, movie-driven gains, this book lagged behind.

Not anymore. It's the second-hottest key now behind Amazing Fantasy #15, and has doubled in value or more in most grades in the past two years.

MARKET TIP: The entry pricepoint for a CGC 0.5 is now over $3,500! That's really expensive for a bad-looking book.

Set your budget and try to find the best-looking example at the grade you can afford. My 4.0 is really pretty for the grade.

Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #320: First Appearance of Cheryl Blossom
CGC 9.8
Record sale in CGC 9.8: $2,000

The hottest Archie creation in decades first appeared in the early 1980s.

I've wanted one of these forever. So when I saw a 9.8 just after Christmas, I snapped it up for my portfolio.

MARKET TIP: There aren't many of these around. The gap between 9.6 and 9.8 is less than $1,000 at the moment. A CGC 9.4 will cost you under $500.

Incredible Hulk #181: First Full Appearance of Wolverine
​​​​​​​CGC 9.0
Record sale in CGC 9.0: $3,800

I hope this book needs no introduction! It's of course near the top of the Hot 100 list.

This is a buy-and-hold investment that will appreciate steadily over time.

The record sale of $3,800 is a one-off high price. At the moment they are selling at just over $3K.

MARKET TIP: Look for clean copies with good centering.

Batman #59: First Appearance of Golden Age Deadshot
​​​​​​​CGC 3.0
Record sale in CGC 3.0: $2,195

A long-overlooked key first appearance from a tough period of the Golden Age, with just 104 copies in the CGC census. And yes, it's HOT.

MARKET TIP: As you can see, my personal copy is not a beauty.

But I feel this book will continue to appreciate over time and is worth having in any condition.

Crime SuspenStories #22: Classic Severed Head Pre-Code Horror Cover
CGC 5.0
Record sale in CGC 5.0: $1,500
For some reason, getting this book made me want to play with kitchen knives...

Pre-code horror is not the easiest genre to collect. When this came along, I had to have it. It's one of the best horror comic books to own.

MARKET TIP: A tough book that is on every horror collector's must-have list.
Archie's Madhouse #22: First Appearance of Sabrina the Teen-Age Witch
CGC 6.5
Record sale in CGC 6.5: No data
If you want to get this book off me, you'll need to go through Stretch Armstrong first!

The only copy we have ever bought. Archie collectors demand this strongly, but they are super-tough with only 60 examples in the CGC census.

MARKET TIP: If you want one, be prepared to pay whatever the market demands. Rare for a 1960s book.
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