Are you working towards your 'perfect day'?

Published: Mon, 06/01/20


Well done! You woke up today and are still here!

I've just had a quick catch up on Facebook for the last couple of days....and noticed the sheer amount of 'I hate Monday's' post there are.....

I get that the weekends are better, however waking up with all your faculties after a great weekend with family, friends etc should put a smile on your face.

If work dilutes this then what could you change today to make sure next Monday is different?

  • Less alcohol?
  • Smarter finish to the week on Friday?
  • Work from home Monday?
  • Change your mindset?

I think back to when I was in a job I hated. Or should I say it hated me, as the rest of the people seemed to love it.

I wouldn't want to go to bed on Sunday eve and would nearly be in tears when that alarm went off.

I'm lucky as I have found my way into a great job out and about every day, plus a business that helps people. I don't really 'work' anymore even though I am busier than ever!

I remember hearing a seminar on fitness business where Alwyn Cosgrove (owner of the USA's most profitable gym per sq ft) was helping a fellow fitpro reverse-engineer his business by describing their 'perfect day'.

Questions went something like this:

  1. What time do you rise, breakfast, where do you live?
  2. Who lives with you?
  3. What do you do first?
  4. Where is your business?
  5. How many hours do you work?
  6. How much money do you make?
  7. How much free time do you have?

The end result was interesting. Turns out that the fitpro owned two gyms where he spent far too many hours and a perfect day was a rarity. When working back from this his decision took him to selling one gym and focusing on the main one.

This put him back into doing what he loved...coaching all day instead of back and forth between two sites, managing two teams and covering two set of accounts.

Less was more on this case.

He was working the 'treadmill' to grow his business, which was working..however it wasn't giving him the free time to spend with his family.

  • Do we need a spare bedroom?
  • Do we need a fancy car?
  • Do we need to live in an expensive area?
  • Could we downsize slightly and buy more time?

Would our Monday's be better then?

As Byron Katie says:

'wherever we are, however much we have we will only ever be siting down, standing up or lying down! You will always have yourself. Recognise this and you always have exactly enough for what you need'

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