Life is full of friction...

Published: Tue, 06/02/20


Pressure from:
  • commitments
  • emergencies
  • relationships
  • health scares
  • traffic
  • finance
Is a part of life and somewhat out of our control.
Just as resistance makes us stronger in strength training, pressure and friction force us to adapt and roll with the punches and often we come out stronger due to super compensation.

Pressure creates diamonds!

However, there is a friction we should avoid and IS totally in our control and that is INTERNAL friction.

That little internal critic inside us can be really useful as a reality check, however, left unchecked itself can lead to us wasting energy as we fight and struggle to silence it.

More energy on the internal friction leaves less energy for external friction, creating stress and pressure from all angles.

How can we create, grow and get stronger when we are wasting energy?

It is like driving the car with handbrake on.

As I watch people reach and surpass benchmarks in their health journey, it is beautiful to see how confidence grows parallel to this.

When I get a 'I can't do that' I always add a YET to the end of anyone's sentence.

I've been through it myself and honestly believe that using the body against friction in the gym makes us better at working through the friction inside, and outside, us every day.

  • Being mobile and strong means we have energy and resource when the cards come in and it is GO time.
  • We recover quicker, getting back in the game faster
  • We heal quicker, mentally and physically to fight when we need to
  • We have more work capacity and stamina to pull in the hours and smash a performance when the time comes.
Try to take a step back when those stress levels rise and that friction gets to you. See it as a challenge to separate the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL friction.

Control the control-ables and forget the rest!


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Personal Trainer
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