CURIOUS DISCOVERY... These One-Page PDF's Are Selling Thousands of Units

Published: Wed, 05/25/22

NOTE:  I originally told you about this training when Paul Coleman released it in December of 2020...

I just went through the PDF again, to see if this training had staying power... It does...


Paul Coleman discovered a whole group of sellers who are making some serious cash on ETSY with simple one-page PDF files.

I know... It sounds unbelievable, doesn't it?

But, this is the REAL DEAL...

I have gone through Paul's PDF, and he provides all the information we need so we can hit the ground running with this.

When Paul initially released this training in December 2020, he pointed to specific examples of people who are selling items in the given sub-niche he describes inside his PDF:

* One person was selling a one-page PDF for $4.95... And the seller had sold over 50,000 units in her store.

* Another seller was selling a one-page PDF for $6.50... This person had sold more than 25,000 copies of the "products" inside her ETSY store...

As of the end of April 2022:

* The first seller raised the price of her product to $6.50. Most of the items she sells in her store are similar to the one described inside Paul's training. She has items in her store priced from $2 to $36, and to date, her store has so far racked up 93,691 sales.

* The second seller has discounted to $3.90 the product that Paul refers to in his training. The type of product that Paul describes in his training is just one style this seller relies upon in her business. Her products are priced from $2.10 to $32.10, and her store has so far generated 201,914 sales!

It is simply mind-boggling to me what these people are actually doing to make money, every single day on Etsy.

Inside his 23-page PDF (no up-sells), Paul explains:

* What these people are selling
* Why people are buying these items
* How sellers are still making money on products that advertise No Refunds
* How you can replicate what these people are doing using FREE Tools and Resources found online
* How you can differentiate your products from the products of your competitors
* Where you need to promote your items, using FREE promotion strategies
* And, much more...

The products these people are selling proves conclusively that most of us tend to overcomplicate things...

Simple is often the best policy, especially when it comes to making money online...

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p.s. People often ask me more details about what is included inside Paul's training guides, because Paul has a tendency to repeat some bits of information from one training product to another.

This particular product is delivered inside of a 23-page PDF...

The first nine (9) pages describe the particular sub-genre these sellers are engaged, with links to examples, and an explanation of why this sub-niche is so hot.

On pages 10-19, Paul refers to his common theme of "7 Power Niches". While the theme is mentioned in nearly all of his training products, inside this PDF, specific examples are shown of products in the discussion of each of the "niches," links are provided to where you can find more information about each "niche," and then Paul brainstorms things that you can do to target your products to the specific niches described. While the theme is repeated, most of the content shared in this section is specific to this training.

Pages 20-23 is standard housekeeping, including FTC Disclaimers.

Overall, I am very happy with what Paul teaches inside this particular training guide.

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Bill Platt
Ponca City, Oklahoma USA