Write Nonfiction Books Using This Proven 4-Step Formula

Published: Fri, 05/20/22

Within this training (Originally Released in January of 2019), Andreas Quintana and myself describe for you a 4-Step Formula he and I use to create most of the nonfiction books we write for the Amazon Kindle platform.

Our 4-Step Formula for writing nonfiction books is EVERGREEN.

I have been using this methodology to write books since 2010. Andreas has been using the methodology to write books since 2012. We did not actually meet each other until 2015, so we had each independently came to the same conclusion about how to write nonfiction books that people will be willing to purchase. 

To better illustrate the EVERGREEN nature of this training material, I went back and tweaked several sections of the training document, and I added a specific case study of a book I published on Amazon in 2018, so that you could see our research, writing and promotion strategy at work, in a way that will really drive home the importance of what we are teaching.

The final product is a 37-page PDF that we call "Kindle Nonfiction Mastery".

Up-sell #1 is something I strongly recommend you pick up. In it, I share with you the question that I have used for 18 years to ensure that I could create books people will want to read, and I give several examples of the question in action. I also detail 7 research methods, of which number seven has made me a whole lot of money. This item is getting very strong reviews from affiliates.
Up-sell #2 documents 12 websites that are excellent resources for brainstorming books and doing book research. This item has also received good reviews.
Up-sell #3 teaches the basics of how to write book descriptions that will get people's attention for your nonfiction books. It also teaches a simple example that will make it incredibly easy for you to wrap your head around who is and is not in your book's target audience. And it shows you a method of reversing the writing process, a method I use in about 15% of my books. 

Up-sell #4 is another nonfiction training product that I released in 2014. It is a 42-page PDF called "72-Hour Nonfiction Books". Many people have said this is one of the best training products I have ever created. In it, you will learn how to do better research, how to organize your information in a flexible outline, how to increase your credibility with readers, and best of all, it teaches how to actually write nonfiction stories that people will love to read.
The main offer and each of the up-sells are just $17 each. 

Pick and choose the parts of the offer that you think you will like best. 

If you are on a tight-budget, get the main offer now. Inside that PDF, I have included links to each of the additional items, so if you would prefer to pick them up later, you will have that option.

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Bill Platt
Ponca City, Oklahoma USA