Learn What to Sell on ETSY, by Studying the Best-Performing Stores

Published: Sun, 05/22/22

Stuart Turnbull and Bart Hennin have just updated and re-released their "100 Top Etsy Printables Sellers" PDF - a curated list of the best-selling printable shops (based on sales numbers) on the ETSY website!

If you've been dreaming of taking your Etsy shop (or shops) to the next level (or just dreaming of just starting any successful online business)... "learning from the best" (people who are actually succeeding!) is the quickest path to huge profits!

This item is normally priced at $27, but you will be able to get your hands on it right now for JUST $10...

There is no "secret" here...

In 2022, the "digital printables" market on Etsy (and other market-places) is exploding! Ordinary people like you and me are making extraordinary incomes selling everything from clipart, digital stamps, digital papers, graphics, digital scrapbook, planner pages, illustrations, stickers, watercolor clipart, Photoshop templates, guest books, wedding vow books, journals, home décor, wall art, and more!

Let’s face it... Printables on Etsy are hot! And offer many advantages:

* They're popular & lucrative! (people love printables!)
* They're simple & "free" to create! (you can find everything you need in the public domain!)
* There are endless sub-niches!
* Since printables are digital there's nothing to ship!
* Setting up digital listings on Etsy is simple! (no tech skills needed!)
* There's no website needed! (Etsy hosts your digital items on their website!)
* There's no need to stock inventory!

And we're not talking about anything complicated here... 

One of the best ways to attain success on Etsy is to emulate the top sellers in your niche!
To create a successful Etsy shop, you need to discover what kinds of offers succeed, by learning from the best-performing shops on the ETSY website!
Don't re-invent the wheel!
Exploring the shops in this massive curated list will show you... 

* Which PRODUCTS are selling best!
* Which KEYWORD PHRASES work best!
* Which TAGS work best!
* What BRANDING works best!
* What PRICE POINTS work best!
* What DESCRIPTIONS work best!
* And much more!

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Should you choose to make a purchase, you will be offered two (2) optional up-sells:

Upsell #1 ($19) "50 Facebook Groups for Etsy sellers" this is another carefully curated list - this time we provide Facebook groups - simply join the groups, post your sales info and enjoy your profits!!

Upsell #2 ($19) The second upsell includes 3 keywords lists"

-> 2,300 printables keywords
-> 700 stickers keywords
-> 3,700 clipart keywords

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Bill Platt
Ponca City, Oklahoma USA